Season 2023 - Port Adelaide

And Melbourne used the saga to get Hibberd

Many clubs would’ve been into many of our players during the saga. Was it the bulldogs who were heavily into Hurley?
But Port ware another level, with their turd of a president using his high media profile to give the Ryder drama more exposure. Then he wanted compensation from Essendon when Ryder was suspended. Gee, it wasn’t as if the bloke wasn’t facing a possible ban.
■■■■ Port, but more importantly, ■■■■ Koch.


The great thing about last night is that they look quite a way off it.


Imagine winning, what was it, 12 or 13 in a row and not making week 3 of the finals…

Finally, a modicum of joy in what has become a really dirty season…


Well Port did trade for Monfries in good faith in 2012 so they would have rightfully felt ripped off when he had to miss a year

Haven’t watched them enough this year to know the answer, but what’s going on with Wines? Seems to struggle when I watch them and not what he was his Brownlow year. Has he been playing injured?

They should have lost to us twice this year so probably sums up the true nature of their position.

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Apparently Hen Kinkley has only won 2 finals in the last 9 seasons, no wonder Port supporters frothed at the mouth over him being reupped again.

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They’re ■■■■!

Would be a god like figure if he could achieve that at EFC

Wins a Brownlow as a pure midfielder and Kenny says stuff that and moves him to the wing and HFF.
I know Rozee, Butters, JHF etc need more midfield minutes but Wines has basically been frozen out. Quite disgraceful and I really don’t think he can play anywhere else on the ground


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Rozee and Butters share some similarities to our Merrett & Parish in they are very good footballers but short and will likely be shown up in finals when the midfield game more resembles Rugby Union than Basketball, requiring midfielders the size of Greene, Cripps, Dunkley


Ive always thought Rozee was soft but Butters was particularly ineffective last night. Great to see.


Blitz will be every bit as rabid about it.
Unfortunately, this has now become a part of following a sporting team.
When things don’t go well (and well means win a premiership) which is more likely to not happen than happen, then fans want to burn everything to the ground, trade everyone out, sack everyone, etc, etc.

Take a look at Richmond before their period of success. Take a look at Melbourne. Take a look at Geelong before their premiership last year.

Port fans preferred their team to lose so that they could sack their coach (it’s not just last night, it’s been that way for 5 years) who they think is the only reason why they haven’t won a premiership. I thought they’d make the 8 this year but the bottom half of it. They played pretty poor in the finals, but this season was a big step forwards. They’ll be challenging for the next 5 years the way they’re going.


they are still quite young.
their 3 young mids will be awesome
but they need some quality tall backs & forwards
& small forwards who don’t stage as bad as rioli

Sir, this is AFL.


Another finals fail for Ken and they’re topping up with Esava, BZT and Sweet. Personally not convinced that those 3 will make them a better outfit.

I hate this mob as much as Carlton and Collingwood.


I wouldn’t normally revel in a player stinking it up like that, but it’s a joy to throw shade on that yappy little turd.

How’s the arrogance of throwing the giants trainer’s chair away? What an arrogant wanker.