Season 2023 - Port Adelaide

Esava will be good.
He’ll give them flexibility to shift a player forward or back if things aren’t going quite as well.
BZT will replace McKenzie. McKenzie is a better kick, but BZT is a better defender. He’ll learn from Aliir and annoy the hell out of the oppositions two key forwards just like Aliir does.
Sweet isn’t much of an addition. They do need to find a Lycett replacement.

Sweet is a fair upgrade on Lycett, he is beyond cooked

I saw the port team in the virgin lounge prior to their r18 loss to fcfc

Their overtly arrogant attitude mirrors their down hill skiing, front running game style. Butters, in particular. It was comical to see him strutting around the airport as though he was a rap star.

That night they were favourites to smash fcfc but didn’t deliver.

The need to find a balance between confidence, but also respect. They have a real attitude issue imo that will likely hold them back. Here’s hoping!

The funny thing is that if they’re didn’t make finals then Ken was gone. That would have been the best thing for their future.

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I was thinking when watching the game last night that their midfield reminds me of ours a bit in needing a bit more size. I was saying all year to a PA mate that they were overrated and got proven right in the finals.


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Midfield got pantsed last night but it seems they have been running in fumes for a while now.
Their real lack of depth showed and they went into finals with far too many players that shouldn’t have played. Always a risk to play 1 injured player let alone 4 or 5. They will be around the mark again for the next fe years but I don’t think they can take the next step



Although this isn’t wrong, GWS I think are showing having the wrong coach can cost you.

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They haven’t won anything yet though.
So if they don’t win a premiership in the next five years, they’ve still achieved the same result as the wrong coach.
If we were getting GWS results (drafting, social media content, coaching, trading, etc) we still would not be happy and want to burn everything to the ground. It wouldn’t stop at the coach.
In all fairness though…
That sentiment is more towards the loudest ones…
The majority would be fine with the progression.

McKenzie did more than anyone else last night to cost PA the win. He got thoroughly and soundly thrashed by Hogan.

How is he still on a list? Thought he retired 5 years ago

Was in doubt all week and had a fitness test an hour before the game and somehow passed it. Looked like a lame duck out there

Sounds like the fitness test was a bit on the dodgy side.

Yep, very suspicious.
They brought Dixon straight in after being in a moon boot days earlier, Aliir played with apparently a broken bone in his hand and got McKenzie and Lycett hardly trained all week and a possibility of being late outs. They reallly stuffed up


I didn’t know that about Aliir but it makes sense to me now.

He really fumbled a lot last night.

I had heard that he had been carrying some damage to his hand and that there was a fracture involved. Anymore than that I don’t know

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Why didn’t McKenzie just learn that from Aliir if it’s so simple?