Season 2023 - Port Adelaide

I’m not sure why anyone other than port supporters would give a single ■■■■ about this. Actually, I’m not even sure why port supporters care.

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Port supporters care because prison bars have long been a key feature of their culture.


And family photos


I have not understood why Koche hasn’t sacked him previously. Everyone has known for a few years he isn’t up to it.

There was a lot of Bombers fans wanting us to have a run at Hinkley. Thank goodness we didn’t.


Kick away from a GF and multiple finals. I think he can coach but seems the big knock on him is he is stubborn and puts too much faith in his players which leads him to not changing things when it isn’t working. He isn’t the worst coach out there but he has been at Port too long now and taken them as far as he can

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I think Port today copped a hiding from the 2023 premiers… I don’t think anyone will come close to the pies this year. Last year they were learning the new way forward with McCrae. If the eyes weren’t on the prize last year , they’re certainly on them now. Look at their additions. Look at the quality they can lose and still move forward. They never look back. Stacked in every position. Port will be fine , there’s just a massive gap between everyone else but the pies… ■■■■■ me

Nah. Round two. Melbourne looked unbeatable last year.


Cool your jets. It’s round 2 of a very long season. Pies won’t keep this style up for 23 rounds.

While they may not win every game, they kept it up all last year (run and gun style).

They are a chance, with quite a few other teams.

They should make top 4, after that they are every chance. But they are not good enough to be some unstoppable force.

They have some deficiencies that teams will expose through the year.

They were the second best team last year, and only lost to the best team by a kick in the prelim.

And the best team has seemingly dropped off, so… Here they are.

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Looking forward to Kane Cornes giving him a bake for that

Oof… That’s such a ■■■■ look.

Terrible, and wasn’t the only time for him. Port were disgraceful.

Always been his biggest knock on him. Picks and chooses when to give effort and drops his head if things aren’t going well. Hasn’t got a great tank either and is fairly lazy. He could literally be anything if he chose to


From that little clip it looks like he chooses to not give a stuff.

Fantasia injured again