Season 2023 - Richmond


Coach – Damien Hardwick

2022 –

Points For – 1st
Points Against – 9th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Tom Lynch
2 – Daniel Rioli
3 – Dion Prestia
=4 – Shai Bolton
=4 – Liam Baker

2022 Rising Star Noms

Hugo Ralphsmith (Round 17)
Noah Cumberland (Round 20)

Ins – Tim Taranto, Jacob Hopper, Kaleb Smith, Steely Green, Seth Campbell, Tylar Young

Outs – Josh Caddy, Kane Lambert, Matthew Parker, Shane Edwards, Sydney Stack, Jake Aarts, Riley Collier-Dawkins, Will Martyn

My Prediction

Richmond never looked like it last year. A couple of threatening moment but they seemed to never really be able to string it together. They have gone hard at the trade table though and brought in a couple of very good players although worth mentioning that they lost a couple of handy players as well.

The backline was an issue for them last season and I am not sure they have done a huge amount to solve that problem. They have tried using Balta a bit at both ends but they will need him down back as neither Tarrant nor Grimes are getting any younger or more athletic, they will be hoping Gibcus comes on and fills that rolee. Rioli was a revelation down back and will partner with Broad or Vlastuin who can improve their backline just by staying fit.

The midfield is considerably stronger with the addition of Hopper and Taranto. I am not sure I buy into the Hopper hype in the same way as others and suspect he will be the steak knives in a deal that brought Taranto to the Tigers. Dustin Martin is a year further removed from all the crap of last year and we can probably expect him to improve on last season. What they really need is Prestia to stay on the field although the recruitment of Taranto will take some of the pressure off him.

The highest scoring forward line in the competition last year also remains largely unchanged, Cumberland looked a revelation late last year but he has the smell of a Townsend about him and I suspect he slowly disappears, Lynch and Reiwoldt will do what key forwards are supposed to do, kick goals in large numbers. Bolton will probably rotate with Martin through the midfield but he just keeps getting better and then you have Maurice and Baker doing short people things.

The rucks are skinny, Nankervis is handy if he gets out there but we know with Richmond, the rucks are rarely important and more a case of having one if you need it. They have a midfield that can work with the opposition ruck anyway. Hardwick is a proven championship coach who deserves to be mentioned alongside Sheedy and Clarkson. He knows how to bring a team with him.

I think this year the Tigers have given their champions another year or two at the pointy end with their recruitment. However they have lost some handy players in Edwards and Lambert as well as some depth in Caddy, Aarts and Collier-Dawkins. They don’t bat as deep as they have in the past although they have an annoying habit of just finding someone when they need it. I don’t know if they are a top four team this year. I think 4-7 is about the mark.


Fox Footy Best 22

B: Dylan Grimes, Noah Balta, Robbie Tarrant
HB: Nathan Broad, Nick Vlastuin, Daniel Rioli
C: Marlion Pickett, Jacob Hopper, Kamdyn McIntosh
HF: Maurice Rioli, Shai Bolton, Liam Baker
F: Jack Riewoldt, Dustin Martin, Tom Lynch
Foll: Toby Nankervis, Dion Prestia, Tim Taranto
I/C: Josh Gibcus, Jayden Short, Trent Cotchin, Ben Miller

Emerg: Tyler Sonsie, Ivan Soldo, Jack Graham, Jack Ross

Interesting they have gone with 1 ruck.
Who’s Ben Miller? (maybe he can ruck 198cm, sounds versatile)

I expect Tigers to be top 4 this year, midfield and forwardline will win them enough games even if backline isnt performing. Plus a super coach who will be more focused this year.
Taranto is a great addition, I probably would have rathered him over Tsatas if we were a chance. But Setterfield was a nice Booby prize, well done Dodoro.
I was never that keen on Hopper but would have suited us, even though he is a bit one dimensional.

Looking at tigers i just look to dreamtime match and think they still have us covered. Lost Parker, Edwards and Stack though.

Tigers Daniel Rioli, Maurice Rioli, Shai Bolton, Marlion Pickett
Dons Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Alwyn Davey, (Hopefully Wanganeen or Munkara get a gig as the sub).

Prediction 2-6

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I think this is an understament, I think they will belt us yet again

They have a real look of Hawthorn circa 2017 about them. A lot of their best players about to fall off a cliff. Hardwick losing his imagination as a coach. Parachuting in Taranto and Hopper will keep them competitive but its not a list that can challenge for a flag. They will fall hard once their aging key talls are done and dusted.

Top 4



I wanto to see 90s version of this horseshit club


I’m surprised by the low predictions, I’ve got them top few on the ladder and a real flag chance this year.


Can we just beat them for once please

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Think Lions, Melbourne, Geelong and Sydney have them covered for top 4

They have recruited/traded well, but this is predicated by the loss of a few players from their glory era. Their forward line still looks potent, with Lynch and Bolton forming a lethal one-two punch, as well as Dusty lurking with intent as he will spend more time in attack than on the ball. Jack defies time, but l am not convinced he can continue to have the same level of input this time. He has become something of a darling with umpires and often appeals for frees. The defence is still a solid unit, even though they have lost a couple of solid citizens, Chol would have been a walk up start for a KPD, if he had stayed. Grimes is another who stages a bit too often, Tarrant is decent but slowing down.

The midfield doesn’t have that same air of invincibility it had, which is understandable. A lot of responsibility still rests on the shoulders or dodgy hamstrings of Prestia. Newby Taranto will be relied upon to provide plenty of drive out of the centre. Nankervis and Soldo are good foot soldiers for the Tiger cause, without being dominant.

Dimma will need to tweak his game plan if not invent a new one, he doesn’t have the people to continue with the run and gun style of their glory years. They are still a potent team and will finish in the top 6.


WA bit part tall - bit of CHB, but if CHF, bit of ruck. He’s Ok.

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and still likely to beat us yet again

Yep, most likely they will.

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Nothing likely about it. Nothing is more surer this year than that result eventuating.

Nothing is surer?
While it is likely it is no sure thing.

As if Richmond, with Hardwick who despises us and now Rutten back at the club, are going to allow pissants like us to beat them.

9 years and ticking.

Allowing has nothing to do with anything.

Castagna has quit footy just under 3 weeks out from the start of the season citing a lack of desire to play at the top level anymore. Only 26 and has 3 flags so he has done all he can

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Never heard of him.