Season 2023 - Richmond

I used to like to see this, but it’s gone way to far at times. This guy started his swing from the 3rd row. Guys will be having CRE from this ■■■■.


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glanced a couple of fibres on the way through so technically just a jumper punch and they’re harmless, fine (suspended) is about right

Yep, nothing a trip to Tim Hortons for some poutine wouldn’t fix, eh.

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I love a good hockey fight.
The two combatants know exactly what they are getting in for if they chose to fight, either party can pull out or not drop the gloves if they don’t want to partake.
The Sonsie hit was one bloke swinging and the other not knowing what was coming

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Nobody in footy these days expects a hit like Sonsie delivered. The North guy was completely unprepared. Pure luck his jaw wasn’t broken. Six weeks would be at the light end. Sicily got three for a sling tackle, that and Sonsie’s hit aren’t in the same stratosphere.


As my Yank mate used to say about ice hockey, he went to a fight and a game broke out.

tyler not quite gone-sie

The new “Talking finals” show on 7 - they’ve got Hardwick on.

Interesting that Cotchin pretty much said some players “may have” been upset that they joined the club to work with certain people and they’ve now left.

Hardwick “they still have a good culture there. They’ve got Brendan Gale and….I’m trying to think of the up and coming people” :joy:

Edit - Hardwick said he’s friends with Dew but still hasn’t spoken to him.

Im jealous of Gold Coast having Dimma as coach

How good would have he been if he was coaching Essendon.

He’d probably have been sacked in 2010, just as Knights was, because Hird wanted the job and the board wanted Hird.


Knights wasn’t sacked because Hird wanted the job.


James never wanted the job back then,

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Good luck to Yze.
He deserves a shot at a club.
Think he’ll do well there given his experience as an assistant.
Doesn’t need to be part of total department rebuild.



would be funny if second place for our job ends up with the tigers job again.

He’d be approaching Brian Royal territory if he didn’t land this one

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Not if he has the same success while we continue to be :poop:

The maddest dog