Season 2024 - Adelaide


Coach – Matthew Nicks

2023 –

Points For – 1st
Points Against –9th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jordan Dawson
  2. Rory Laird
  3. Taylor Walker
    =4. Izak Rankine
    =4. Mitch Hinge

2023 Rising Star Noms

Max Michalanney (Rnd 5)

Ins – Chris Burgess, Daniel Curtin, Charlie Edwards, Oscar Ryan

Outs – Tyler Brown, Tom Doedee, Jackston Hately, Shane McAdam, Fischer McAsey, Andrew McPherson, Tariek Newchurch, Paul Seedsman

My Prediction

I wonder what odds you would have got at the start of last year on the Crows being the highest scoring team for the year. Nicks really had them humming at periods last year. When you look at their list it looks like a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. It will be interesting to see how they go and whether they can follow it up this year.

I think the most obvious deficiency in their team is their backline. They will be looking for Daniel Curtin to make an impact quickly and I think it will be back there, they have Butts and have bought in Burgess, he was a player who struggled to get a game for the Suns and they will hope the system at the Crows will bring out more in him. They found Michalanney last year who was solid and they get run from Brodie Smith and Milera. They lack depth back here and will need support to improve their defence.

The midfield isn’t blue chip but more blue collar. Dawson has been one of the best recruits in a while and seems to improve every year. Soligo has been fun to watch and Hinge is coming off a career best year. Laird is a gun and last year they had Crouch reestablish himself although will be interesting to see if they keep playing him. Sloane looked cooked last year at times but he goes around again.

The forward line is good, real good. Taylor Walker came back from being a racist tool to remind the world that if you kick enough goals, the world forgives. Izak Rankine was a great pickup and cleary enjoyed the change of clubs. Fogarty established himself and they have Rachele who may have tasted some second year blues but he is all class. They will be hoping for Thilthorpe to establish himself this year and start to realise his potential. They have a lot of avenues to goal and they can put on scores in bunches.

I don’t know what to make of Reilly O’Brien, he looks likes a world beater some weeks and other weeks look like he got lost and ended up on the ground by mistake. More consistency from him would make a large difference. The coach seems to have things trending in the right direction. That being said, the Crows are not traditionally a forgiving club and he would want to taste finals soon.

They don’t look to bat deep but their best 22 is still formidable. Nicks had things ticking last year and they were a team that took Collingwood to within a kick twice. They also had a soft draw and clearly saw the benefit of that. I don’t think the list goes deep enough to make a run at a premiership but if everything aligned, they could play finals. I think in all likelihood this year looks a little like the last one. I think they finish 8-12.


My bolter for 2024. I think they can storm into the top 4. There’s one every year that make a run to the prelims from outside the 8, and that look the most likely. Forward line potent, they play a tough, in your face brand of footy that stood up against the elite of the AFL last season. Arguably should’ve beaten the Pies twice, ran other contenders close as well. If Tilthorpe can explode and be that fwd/ruck who kicks goals and is an around the ground presence then the sky is the limit for me.


Am pretty confident they’ll play finals. Had some unlucky losses and still only just missed the 8. Their match against us showed that they have a consistency issue, which you’d think would improve both due to improved fitness in their younger players and the hunger caused by that Sydney heartbreaker. 5th-8th.


Somewhere in that 6-16 mix.

Could easily be either end of that range as well.
Their good is bloody good. Their bad is very bad. A sustained patch of either could see them get a home final or a top four pick.

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The last test win in Australia for the West Indies was in 1997;
The West Indies just knocked off Australia at the Gabba in 2024.

What else happened in 1997? Adelaide won the Grand Final.
What does 2024 hold for the Crows? My friend thinks using this logic, another premiership.

Crows best 23 from Zero hanger

FB: Dan Curtin, Jordon Butts, Wayne Milera
HB: Brodie Smith, Nick Murray, Max Michalanney
C: Mitch Hinge, Jordan Dawson, Chayce Jones
HF: Ben Keays, Taylor Walker, Jake Soligo
FF: Izak Rankine, Darcy Fogarty, Josh Rachele
FO: Reilly O’Brien, Rory Laird, Rory Sloane
I/C: Riley Thilthorpe, Lachie Murphy, Luke Pedlar, Josh Worrell

SUB: Ned McHenry

Also in the mix: Harry Schoenberg, Matt Crouch, Chris Burgess, Lachie Sholl, Mark Keane, Elliott Himmelberg

Backline looks susceptible, Dan Curtin straight in shows it has been a little weak.
Dawson improved out of sight last couple of years.
Still kind of relying on Taylor walker and Sloane for firepower and leadership.
They would like Thilthorpe to announce himslef this year, given the strides that Ugle-hagan made last year.

I think its a blue collar backline and midfield, but has a classy forwardline, will kick some good scores, but also let a few slip. They are a finals chance, they are also a bottom 4 chance if injury to a key player - Walker/OBrien/Dawson etc.

Prediction 6-16.

Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: Adelaide Crows - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 4

I think Murray is also rehabbing from an ACL injury. Himmelberg would slot in at CHB. It’s a very no-name backline as is and they held up reasonably well. That forward line is stacked. That’s where they are so dangerous. Midfield probably lacks some genuine outside class but it’s hard working. You put a cream on the cake player in there along the Connor Rozee lines and for me that tops them off. Gonna have to draft that sort of player in because traditionally haven’t been a big FA destination.

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Milera with a hammy at training, Sloane having more surgery on his detached retina plus a few others with niggles.
Don’t think their midfield is good enough and backs look suspect, will win plenty at home but struggle on the road and I just can’t see them playing finals


I’m bold enough to confidentially state that the crows will likely finish between 6th and 16th.

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I am very confident that they will finish somewhere between 1st and 18th

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To me, there is a clear top five: Collingwood, GWS, Brisbane, FARK CARLTON (unfortunately) and Port Adelaide.

Then there is a lot of maybe, ifs, all going right/wrong etc. May be slightly harsh having Melbourne in this group as I think it’s all mental for them. They certainly have the best list among this aggregation of teams.

Then there is NM and WCE.

Top 6 for mine, maybe top 4. Will be hard to beat


Not at all convinced about Adelaide. Midfield is still relatively weak and they still have a big reliance on Taylor Walker who is coming up to 50 years old.

I’m suspect they will get improved performances out of Thilthorpe, Fogarty and others but I don’t see a big leap up the ladder for them this year.

8th to 12th.

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They struggled to win away from home last year. The only wins away from Adelaide Oval were against Hawthorn (Tas) and Eagles.

I think they’re shaky down back with an unconvincing midfield outside of Dawson and Laird. They rely heavily on a talent-packed forward line to win them games.

Gaps to fill, youth to mature and a need to win on the road.


So a bit like us

A bit like 10 other teams in the competition, yeah.