Season 2024 - Adelaide

Reunite the whole gang. Phil Davis out of retirement, Jack Gunston from Hawthorn. Go all in on this play.

That would be like if Essendon ask Jake Melksham if he wanted to come back.

lols Crows Danger is farking cooked


They have form with Carey.
I dunno…Dangerfield on a flank for two years with Fogarty, Thilthorpe, Keays, Rankine and Rachelle…that’s pretty…pretty formidable.
It’s a decent shout.

Although they need quality mids more.
Laird and Crouch are kinda mid.
Dawson’s great.
Their backline is seriously blue collar.

It’s not their key need by any means, but why not?

Edit: if we got him reasonably cheap, I’d take him for two years.
Even as a small forward.
Never know. Might kick forty, if you limit expectations. His midfield days are behind him.
We sure as hell need him more than Adelaide does.

Don’t laugh Nino, remember we tried to get a cooked Paddy Ryder back.

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He might be more injury prone but he isn’t “cooked” when he gets on the park.

Still a strange advance from the Crows.

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He will sign a new deal at Geelong (obviously, I really don’t know what the crows were thinking)

Pretty clearly has more left in the tank, might just have to be managed a bit more.

Yeah, good one Crom
I’m sure Paddy is going to leave a successful club still in a flag window where he is nicely setup with all the under table deals to go to a mob who ain’t playing finals anytime soon and whose fans boo the absolute crap out of him and despise him for leaving

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Paddy loves Moggs Creek, not going anywhere

Offield, Tom Hawkins, Jeremy Cameron and Paddy Dangerfield are all living their best lives. There is something you can get with their salaries in Geelong that you can’t living in the city.


People saying he’s cooked clearly haven’t seen him play this year (or last). He would be a walk-up start in all 18 clubs and that will probably be the case next year too.


Lol. Braden Ingram would be having tweet regret right now.

Turns out they aren’t going to go the surgery route for Pedlar and he’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

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Looks like Crouch is out for the rest of the year

Crows put cue in the rack.

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As they should.
No point in them finishing any higher this year.

What a waste of a year, season shot by Easter

Dawson’s foot injury is a bit worse than the club letting on too I believe. Wouldn’t be surprised if he misses a week or 2 and likewise Tex.
They will still maul the Tuggers this week who will “rest” Dusty so he can play 300 at home

I don’t think he’s going to like the answer of “earn them, champ”.


I wonder if the coach will “ask him” about the head ducking that he does?

These mob are off there heads blaming injuries for being ■■■■