Season 2024 - Melbourne


Coach – Simon Goodwin

2023 –

Points For – 6th
Points Against – 2nd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Christian Petracca
2 – Jack Viney
3 – Jake Lever
4 – Angus Brayshaw
5 – Steven May

2023 Rising Star Noms

Jacob van Rooyen (Rnd 12)
Judd McVee (Rnd 18)

Ins – Jack Billings, Kynan Brown, Tom Fullarton, Marty Hore, Shane McAdam, Koltyn Tholstrup, Caleb Windsor

Outs – Luke Dunstan, Brodie Grundy, James Harmes, Michael Hibberd, James Jordon, Deakyn Smith, Kye Turner

My Prediction

The Demons have reached the stage of taking whatever offcuts other teams were willing to get rid of in order to find the missing piece in their efforts at one more shot before they have officially wasted their generational talent and list. There is a few things wrong at Melbourne and you do wonder if the fish is rotting from the head.

The backline is very good. May and Lever are a very good one two punch. Not only highly skilled but they work together well and control things better than any other back combination. Throw in Tomlinson, Salem and Rivers, they just get the job done. They found another last year in McVee who locks down really well on small forwards.

The midfield reads well but they need Oliver to clean his act up and realise that without being a champion footballer, he is just another pasty red head needing to stock up on 50+. With him firing they are the best midfield in the competition, without him, they might not be top 6. Petracca and Viney are very good but Oliver is the key. I felt like their wings in Langdon, Brayshaw and Hunter didn’t have enough impact last season either.

The forward line has been hit and miss for a while. They look to have found one in van Rooyen, Petty looks good there as well. Fritsch is still the shortest least intimidating key forward since Alwyn Davey. They have identified small forward as being a need and went and recruited McAdam who is horribly inconsistent and I doubt will suddenly find consistency any time soon. The potential is there and on their day they will look fantastic but I don’t feel they will have enough of their days.

The ruck is some kid called Max Gawn. He seems alright. Took Oliver into his house from which point things in Olivers life seemed to get even worse. Gawn can tap a ball, can take a mark and can kick a goal. He does all of those things very well. The coach is more interesting. He does get enough questions for mine, his list and the talent at his disposal should have achieved more. I suspect that questions will start getting asked this year.

I don’t buy Melbourne. I feel like that don’t care enough about winning and are satisfied with the premiership they won. They don’t play like they want another one. I think this year may see the start of the decline. I don’t think they will slide outside the eight (although it is possible) but think they will lose a couple of spots. In the 6-8 range.


No creativity required here but they’re my pick to slide out of the 8, but only just, and that’s assuming Oliver is missing or not completely healthy for most of the year.

Melbourne are in the river in Africa. Never heard anyone saying they own their cultural issues, has all been deflection, Gary Pert saying the MFC culture is the best he’s seen in 40 years on the game is laughable. I think they’ll miss the 8, and Goodwin will be in the gun. Might not lose his job but should they fail to make finals he will be under enormous pressure in 2025.

Amazing that Freo passed on Van Rooyen, they are the Olympic Gold Medalists at shooting yourself in the foot.

Regarding their forward line…

Lose Petty and they are in some strife, odd that I hear Tom McDonald is training down back, considering the stars they have down there and the dearth of options up forward it doesnt bode well for him.

Petty/Van Rooyen is a good combo which could yet flourish this year and bring them back up the ladder quite quickly. Add Pickett, a resting Petracca and Fritsch in his utility role and they are still quite dangerous up forward on their day pending the young guys coming on.

Judging on Petty’s comments during the trade period last year, I’d be very surprised if he remained at Melbourne past 2024. Would be a huge loss if that occurred.

Of my 6-16 teams, of which Melbourne are one, I think they are the most likely to push into that top five.

Their list still has plenty. Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Salem, May, Lever, Pickett, Brayshaw etc - if they fire on all cylinders, they can really push the top teams.

It’s just hard to know how all this off-field stuff impacts them in 2024.


Is it two years in a row where they have gone out in straight sets?

A team can only take so much disapionment before they think its not worth it

Thats where i see Melbourne another straight sets exit this years and it curtains

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Clarry back training and looking strong.
Tholstrup will be a Stringer/Zurhaar style fwd to begin with.

They’ll be ok this year

He looks like a meth addict. Is in putrid condition.


He always looked in crap shape, ala Dane Swan

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But that is a mighty thick meth head training today

2021 GF



2024 pre-season

Looks woeful.

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I don’t know… it kind of looks like he just has sunscreen on.


You rub that much zinc on someone and take a photo of anyone after physical exertion they’ll look garbage.

I had mates who swung by after a demons training, they said he did the drills no stress, looked better than most (as he should) and would be a walk up for our midfield.

I’ll take their 1st hand word, over you cherry picking photos, any day of the week. Sorry smooth


I reckon they’ll have a good year.
Last year they struggled to hit their straps but probably should have won both finals.

I just think they have too much quality to dip.

3rd to 5th for mine.

Jake stringer would kill to be as conditioned as oliver

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■■■■ these guys heaps