Season 2024 - Richmond


Coach – Adem Yze

2023 –

Points For – 11th
Points Against – 13th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Tim Taranto
2 – Dustin Martin
3 – Shai Bolton
4 – Nick Vlastuin
5 – Daniel Rioli

2023 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Oliver Hayes-Brown, Jacob Koschitzke, Liam Fawcett, Kane Mcauliffe, Sam Naismith

Outs – Kaelan Bradtke, Jason Castagna, Trent Cotchin, Bigoa Nyuon, Jack Reiwoldt, Ivan Soldo, Robbie Tarrant

My Prediction

They stayed up for so long that it felt good to see them finally have father time kick them right in the butt. They risked it all and gave up their first round draft picks for one last shot at using their generational talent for a shot at a premiership. It did not work out, it didn’t fail West Coast style but it wasn’t much better.

The backline is not their issue, Grimes has been a good performer for a long time and Balta despite maybe not living up to expectations last year is still an immense talent who gives them intercept marking and drive. They will be hoping for Gibcus to make an impact this year. Broad and Short give them more experience and good ball use off the backline along with Rioli who has found his home back there.

The midfield reads better than it performs. Prestia is a shadow of himself and has trouble staying on the park. Ross and McIntosh are ok but both rated higher than their output and have been happy to operate in the shadows of better players. Taranto came across and won their BnF. He was very good unlike Hopper who came across and was the same player we saw at GWS.

The forward line was terrible last year, they went from being the highest scoring attack to 11th in one year. In large part this was due to the injuries to Lynch which left Reiwoldt who was as cooked as you can be. They bring in Koschitzke who hasn’t been able to perform regularly for Hawthorn. The small forwards are set with Baker, Martin and Bolton. All of who will need to rotate through the centre at different stages.

Nankervis is a good ruck, he is hard to get excited about, he is ok. They have then brought in Sam Naismith who is even less exciting and they will be hoping isn’t needed to play too many minutes. The coach we don’t know too well, he has been around a while and deserves his shot. It will be interesting to see what he brings, the Tigers historically aren’t a forgiving fanbase.

When you look at what a team did last year to predict what is coming this year you want to see some sort of improvement in their list. The only real improvement is Lynch coming back from injury. They are a weaker team than last year with a couple of young players who may step up but not enough for them to actually challenge. Their only hope is a time machine, being that is pretty unlikely, I think they will finish in the 12-15 range.


Best 23 from Zero Hangar

FB: Nick Vlastuin, Josh Gibcus, Nathan Broad

HB: Jayden Short, Noah Balta, Daniel Rioli

C: Marlion Pickett, Dion Prestia, Jack Ross

HF: Liam Baker, Jacob Koschitzke, Shai Bolton

FF: Maurice Rioli, Tom Lynch, Dustin Martin

FO: Toby Nankervis, Tim Taranto, Jacob Hopper

I/C: Dylan Grimes, Samson Ryan, Jack Graham, Judson Clarke

SUB: Jacob Bauer

Also in the mix: Tylar Young, Ben Miller, Matt Coulthard, Noah Cumberland, Kamdyn McIntosh, Tyler Sonsie, Sam Banks

Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: Richmond Tigers - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 4

Just need to look at the ins vs the outs and its not pretty.

But on paper the best 23 looks ok, and with a fit list will snag a few wins. Lynch will be good, not sure Koschitzke will be. If Nankervis or Lynch is injured they are in trouble again.
Midfield is one paced and will need Heroics from the aging Martin. who will be likely to get fined $10,000 for every media interview requested and denied.

AFL 2024: The new CBA clause that could hit Richmond Tigers champion Dustin Martin in the hip pocket (

Tigers should fall away this year unless something clicks strategically. or they have a few games against soft opponents. 2 x Suns, Port, Hawks, Freo, and Carlton.

can only really pencil in hawks and maybe Freo there
Suns under Hardwick would be keen for a win and he will know their weaknesses.

Prediction 11-16th


Somewhere between 6-16.

Apart from NM and WCE, the teams outside that clear(ish) top six have fark all between them.

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Richmond can FRO. Had a gutful of their ■■■■. Would love to roll them again this year.


The Tiger army won’t be happy about that Darce.




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We owe them a belting.

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■■■■ Carlton and all but nah this doesn’t hold anymore. Unfortunately they are far from soft.

Edit: Oh, never mind, i completely misread what you said. Apologies

I want to see the 2007 version of this ■■■■ club


Fkn w#nkers



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This pretty much sums up the Tigers. They have lost not just talent, but also a metric tonne of experience. That means too much will be left for too few to do, and those leading the way will tire. They will get nowhere near Ninthmond.

Just for a break 2 times in the last couple of days I flipped the dial to SEN, only to be told that “TROUT” would be calling in shortly. Other than a fat sumo wrestler making a pass at me, nothing would turn me off more than hearing that bloke go on about Richmond ad nauseum.
So, back to the music, thanks for warning me SEN. But sheez, is a guest appearance from Trout now a drawcard for SEN?

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Probably calling to talk about Essendon because we live rent free in his head

Really, I will have to restrict my valuable minutes to Catchup Podcasts, Absolutely and Everything Essendon and cut out all the crap on SEN about 17 other clubs.

Is good mates with my brothers father in law. When not talkiing footy he is actually a decent bloke.


12th - 18th, will be interesting to see Yze coaching, doubt he will be the same as Hardwick and may cause some unrest in the camp as well… a rebuild will be on the cards in the next 24 months



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After last night tigers have a new jumper for Christmas for their new recruit