Season 2024 - Richmond

Luckily for him, despite all his injuries, he somehow managed to never be injured when it mattered and ends up a 3 time premiership player.

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The ole TBC - Long Term… I miss Jimmy Stewart

At Melbourne TBC means To Buy Cocaine!


Let me guess… all back and firing for Dreamtime though?

Guess again. A few will manage to get back, but a couple will be brought back too soon and then be reinjured.

that’s 7 quality players.
they won’t win more than 5 matches this season.
that injury list would kill off good teams, and they are only average.

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He was Richmond b&f in one of those premiership seasons (2019) as well.

They had a similar injury list last year.
St Kilda too. Who have repeated the same injury form this season.
Ditto West Coast.

It takes a few years to build and prepare players bodies well enough to minimise injuries.
And that’s if you have the right support staff in place.

Suck my ball bag Richmond


Tigers will be beatable Dreamtime with all those injuries.

But will it just be Gresham as our only indigenous player fronting up? Hope we can get one of the Davey Boys in by then, or both.

Imagine Jayden debuting Dreamtime, playing with his brother. would be a great script. just need them fit and firing and putting selection pressure on.

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Broken radius which needs surgery. I’d think he’s missing a couple of months at best.

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They really are having an annus horribilis. In fact that’s about the only thing not on their injury list at the moment.

If you had to pick their top 10 most important players they are probably missing about 6 of them.


Brutal but in a way it will probably be the best thing for them. Forces them to find out about a heap of their kids while they weren’t winning anything anyway.




The Tiger Battalion aren’t going to like this one bit.

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Diimma left a ■■■■ sandwitch for Yze, when he left Richmond for northern climes

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Might have been another blessing that we didnt pick up Yze as our coach after seeing the Tigers get comprensively beaten by the reigning wooden spooners in West Coast.

I don’t think that’s Yzes fault.

He inherited a ■■■■■■■■■■■ of a list.


I’m actually wondering if Richmond supporters will start to get a bit bitter about Hardwick. Made a lot of long term list decisions and then left for Suns who he viewed to have a better list.

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