Season 2024 - Sydney


Coach – John Longmire

2023 –

Points For – 7th
Points Against – 8th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Erroll Gulden
2 – Nick Blakey
3 – James Rowbottom
4 – Luke Parker
5 – Chad Warner

2023 Rising Star Noms

Angus Sheldrick (Rnd 15)

Ins – Taylor Adams, Caiden Cleary, Will Green, Brodie Grundy, Joel Hamling, James Jordon, Indhi Kirk, Patrick Snell

Outs – Ryan Clark, Will Gould, Hugo Hall-Kahan, Lance Franklin, Tom Hickey, Paddy McCartin, Cameron Owen, Lachlan Rankin, Marc Sheather, Dylan Stephens

My Prediction

Sydney stalled last year, they just never really got the momentum to make a real run and then scraped into the finals. They have a good young list and have traded in some experience and some class to try and make a real run at things this year.

The backline looked short last year with some injuries and a general lack of depth. Losing Paddy McCartin last year hurt and Francis came in but just isn’t tall enough to hold down a key position. They have brough in Hamling who will then partner with McCartin and Rampe to free up Blakey to become more attacking off half back. Lloyd and Cunningham will give them run. All in all it is a pretty good backline if it stays fit.

Taylor Adams comes in to give the midfield some grunt, outside of Parker the midfield is young and looks like it is building into something pretty special Gulden is a gun and Warner is a potential game winner. Jordon comes in and you look at Sheldrick and Florent. They have plenty of good users of the ball. They should improve this year and support a push up the ladder.

The forward line loses Buddy but he has been cooked for 18 months. Amartey has shown glimpses as has McDonald. Their smalls in Heeney and Papley will both see time in the middle but are among the most damaging smalls in the comp. The forward line though looks their major challenge this year and will be interesting to see how it works.

The ruck is an interesting one. Grundy hasn’t looked damaging for a while but I don’t think he has ever worked unless he has been rucking solo. His strength is his mobility and I think this year will see him start to return to playing quality football. I think he is a good pick up for this team. Longmire is a good coach, he isn’t an innovator but he is a quality manager of men who I think will take this team pretty close to the ultimate goal in the next few years.

I think last year was a blip, this year their list looks better and I think they would fancy their chances of mounting a challenge. I think they will go close to top four. I think if the forward line clicks and works, they may well actually make top 4. In all likelihood I think they will finish in the 5-7 range.


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Played at about 5/10 of their potential last year yet still found a way (read: howler of an umpiring decision) to play finals. I can’t see them getting worse, so I suppose the only way is up? If McDonald and Amartey improve quickly, that would make them a top 4 threat, but I think 6th-7th is more likely.

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I like the look of Hayden McLean and how he is tracking. Had a great second half to the year and could be the answer in the forwardline now that Buddy’s gone (not saying he’s at Buddy’s level of talent). He’s also become a handy ruckman too for them. He compliments their battery of talented youngsters.

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Adams and Grundy should add enough to their team to put them into the top 5-6 teams. Their backline, especially tall defence, is a bit suspect. Hamling essentially replaces Paddy McCartin but he’s been far from durable the last 4-5 years.

My nightmare Top 4 - Sydney, Collingwood, Brisbane and Carlton.

Please God - NO

I don’t think Brisbane will get near the top 4 to be honest. They fired their shot.

swans best 23 from footy hanger

FB: Jake Lloyd, Tom McCartin, Dane Rampe.
HB: Callum Mills, Joel Hamling, Nick Blakey.
C: Errol Gulden, Chad Warner, Braeden Campbell.
HF: Isaac Heeney, Joel Amartey, Taylor Adams.
FF: Hayden McLean, Logan McDonald, Tom Papley.
FO: Brodie Grundy, James Rowbottom, Luke Parker.
I/C: Will Hayward, Justin McInerney, James Jordon, Oliver Florent.
SUB: Harry Cunningham.

Also in the mix: Robbie Fox, Sam Wicks, Aaron Francis, Jacob Konstanty, Lewis Melican, and Jack Buller.

Experience of Adams and Grundy will help this year. but like cats hopefully a few oldies fall away at once. Parker is aging? might be his last year, buddy is gone. Blakey has found his niche.

They were chasing a key defender like us wanted McKay, but ended uo with Hamling.
Prediction: 3-8 swans will improve this year.
Doubt they have what it takes to win it though

its a solid experienced 22 well coached.

swans play better than us as a team and know their roles inside out.


Swans are a tough and professional unit, and Longmire knows how to extract the best out of them. With a bit of extra spit and polish they should finish top 6, anything less than that will feel like a failure.


When we played them last year, I thought they looked really small. Their tallest midfielder is Mills at 188cm followed by Rowbottom at 186cm. Thanks to Sydney, we don’t have the smallest midfield anymore.

The Sydney Swans have scheduled a press conference to make a “major club announcement” at 2pm today.

buddy franklin divorcing his wife and wedding john longmire. heard it here first


Buddy Franklin making a comeback.

Longmire is shocked to be sitting here.