Season 2024 - West Coast

West Coast

Coach - Adam Simpson

2023 –

Points For – 18th
Points Against – 18th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Tim Kelly
  2. Oscar Allen
  3. Liam Duggen
  4. Jayden Hunt
  5. Shannon Hurn

2023 Rising Star Noms

Reuben Gibney (Rnd 4)
Jai Culley (Rnd 6)
Elijah Hewett (Rnd 22)

Ins – Tyler Brockman, Matt Flynn, Clay Hall, Harvey Johnston, Coen Livingstone, Archer Reid, Harley Reid, Loch Rawlinson

Outs – Greg Clark, Luke Foley, Shannon Hurn, Nic Naitanui, Xavier O’Neill, Samo Petrevski-Seton, Luke Shuey, Connor West, Isiah Winder

My Prediction

This is ugly, the list is shot, they have brought themselves a number one draft pick who may or may not want to be there. If I am being honest, in my heart, I am loving every minute of it. It could only be more fun if it was Carlton. Jayden Hunt finished fourth in their best and fairest, a player who only hits targets by mistake was their fourth best player.

The backline was atrocious last year. They were so bad that only teams that played them twice had any chance to win the Coleman medal. Hurn steps away and they have nothing to replace him with. McGovern and Barrass are familiar names but they haven’t been reliable players since their premiership year. I expect Yeo will move down back and will work with Cole, Witherden (the most uncontested footballer in the AFL) and Duggan to try and give them some bounce off the half back line.

The midfield is one of those that reads ok on paper. I remember when Gaff was a useful footballer, I remember when Sheed kicked a goal that broke filthy Magpie hearts, I remember when Kelly was a very good midfielder albeit in different colours. Harley Reid is bound to get plenty of minutes in the middle this year and no doubt will be a good player if his body lets him. Ginbey looked good early next year and may give them some more. Culley was finding some form last year but injury will keep him out. It is not a good midfield.

The forward line has Oscar Allen and Jack Darling both of whom have talent and the ability to score if the ball finds its way down there. Liam Ryan is fun to watch and damaging. Noah Long showed some talent and they liken him to LeCras (probably wishful thinking but too early to know), I suspect Reid spends his time resting up forward outside of his stints in the middle. The forward line has the bones of something there that can perform but lack of ball coming from the middle will make that hard.

They have traded in Matt Flynn from GWS who looked a very good ruckman when his body eventually let him on the field. He will lead the ruck in the post NicNat era (which started years before he left). The coach would have been a dead man walking if not for the crazy contract which they don’t want to pay out. He looked out of ideas and energy. I don’t know if he sees the year out without some sort of miracle.

The list has memories of better times but the rebuild has only just started and they are years behind. It is hard to see them moving up the ladder this year. It is only the fact that North Melbourne existed that they had competition for the spoon last year. North have been propped up enough by the AFL that they no longer have competition. The surest Wooden Spoon since the AFL screwed the Bombers. They will finish last and it will be fun to watch.


So bad they could finish 19th.


Cruel, but fair.



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Still can’t believe we were a lucky bounce or two from losing to this team at home with finals on the line. Any decent team should be winning by 10 goals.


Eagles Best 23
FB: Tom Cole, Tom Barrass, Liam Duggan.
HB: Elliot Yeo, Jeremy McGovern, Jamaine Jones.
C: Andrew Gaff, Tim Kelly, Elijah Hewett.
HF: Jamie Cripps, Jack Darling, #Harley Reid.
FF: Tyler Brockman, Oscar Allen, Liam Ryan.
FO: Matt Flynn, Dom Sheed, #Reuben Ginbey.

I/C: Brady Hough, Bailey Williams, Noah Long, Alex Witherden.

SUB: Jayden Hunt.

Also in the mix: Jack Petruccelle, Ryan Maric, Campbell Chesser, Jai Culley, Luke Edwards, and Zane Trew.

Best 23 Courtesy of Zero Hanger Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: West Coast Eagles - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 3

Best 18 isn’t terrible, but then you look at the interchange bench.
If experienced guys can stay on the park they could get off the bottom.

  • YEO, McGovern, Barrass, Kelly, Gaff, Darling

For them to move up into middle bottom part of ladder (10-14) need Ginbey and Harley Reid to be competive with other midfields immediately. which is a chance, but expect them to be pretty thin in midfield if they cop injuries and could get exposed.

probably expect a few close wins/lossess folowed by some blow outs when injury takes their toll.

Prediction 17-18th …I don’t think they will go back to back spoons, WA advantage at home. likely improved list on last year. But out of all clubs they have to be the favourite to finish last.

When Tigers added Dustin Martin in 2010 they finished 15th, in 2009 they were also 15th. Harley Reid won’t Jettison them up the ladder next year.
YEO only 10 games Sheed 15 games, need more.
But also Allen and Gaff played every game last year, so that was handy if they get injured then more trouble.

We all probably predicted North for the spoon or Hawks last year, so the spoon isn’t a given, but likely more pain for Eagles to come in 2024 regardless.


Simpson will get sacked this year whether or not he deserves it. Im sure the ghouls at Footy Classified and On The Couch will start campaigning early.

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Disposal issues notwithstanding, I reckon he’ll start ahead of a few of those blokes in Zero Hanger’s team. Did they know that he came in the fourth in the B & F? :smiley:

the fact they still rely on players like gaff, darling, mcgovern, yeo, cripps quite heavily despite being all in their 30s, with very little depth is concerning. Maybe this year if the older cohort plays well theyll save themselves from bottom 4, but they need to inject some youth, pronto

selling the farm for tim kelly too is biting them hard


Yeo, Gaff and Darling are well past their use by date, they are cooked.

Will they want that?
They’re going to bottom out hard because their best players are getting worse.
Probably better to do it properly and have 3-4 years in a row with a top 3 pick.

Says more about us than them.

Then again… they beat the Western Bulldogs only a couple of weeks later at the same venue.


Agreed. Tough position for Simpson though. You hope he doesn’t put older players and wins ahead of developing young players though

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West Coast doing West Coast things. Ryan, Burgiel and Rotham all injured at training today

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Fair call.

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