Season 2024 - West Coast

My cousin is an Eagles fan, I actually called out that very point and he said it was “a bit different” because Jobe’s was “PEDS”

Ah, so it was fine when they did it and won a premiership coked up to their eyeballs.

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They’ve got both bases covered. They were on PEDS for their 90’s flags.



These ■■■■■■■ better not get a priority pick


They will, if they are bad enough,

I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat the Hawks.

Surely you can’t give a priority pick to a team that won a flag 6 years ago


And they’re the richest club in the league. Fark em, let them get out of this mess themselves

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Saw during the week that since R1 2022:

WCE (AFL) - 5 wins, 43 losses
WCE (WAFL) - 1 win, 35 losses, 1 draw

The whole club on the field is a complete mess.

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I think they’ll be ok. Might take a couple of years yet but they do have some guns across the entire field.

NM are up a creek if they can’t find better defenders, though.

There’s talk that the West Coast 2’s might shift from the WAFL to the VFL (aka National Reserves competition). I hope they do, we might actually win a game!


We beat the VFL premiers last year.


We are also sh¡t

were not doing that bad given we are missing Baldwin, hayes stepped up in his absence but needs help. Also Weideman up forward is no Voss, He was actually pretty good last week after head injury

Imagine injury free and adding, Baldwin, Wanganeen, Laverde, Shiel, Caddy to the VFL lineup.

We really need someone of Hobbs or Shiels quality in the middle to give us a good chance of wining at this level.

Our unavailability is pretty on par with most teams. And it’s probably about where it’s likely to sit all season. As I mentioned in another thread yesterday, like you’re suggesting, we’d need an absolutely above average year in terms of luck with injury (i.e. 3-5 out each week max) to be just competitive.

The backbone of your team are the quality and depth of your VFL listed guys. We have about 4-5 decent ones and then it drops off dramatically.

I watched the pre season game against Northern Bullants out at the Hangar a month or so back where we had Caddy, Draper, Hobbs and maybe one other and it was a tight contest. I knew then that the strength of our VFL team wouldn’t be good again given Northern Bullants are horrific.


It was about the same time that Woosha lost his hearing IIRC


I don’t think the midfield is the main issue. The only defender who looked capable of actually defending was Hayes. A 19 year old is holding up the VFL teams entire defensive unit at the moment.

They will be. AFL have already flagged it is going to happen. How? By having the media start talking about how they need help.

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the AFL stuffed up by rewarding North for it’s poor list management decision and poor management. They have created a situation where the hands will come out very quickly and teams will go back to the good old days of tanking seasons for picks. They should have let North fight their way out of their self imposed situation with the natural measures in place.


It’s obviously arbitrary and not like previously in the early 2000s when you got a priority pick based off having less than a specified amount of wins over a set period (I think it was less than 16 wins across 4 seasons?), but clubs will use North as a measuring stick in terms of wins across a 4-year period (12 wins since R1 2020) and say “we’ve won less than North did across our last 4 years, what about us?” And the Eagles are trending worse than the Roos (5 wins since R1 2022).

The West Coast Eagles have completed 37 seasons in the VFL/AFL. In that time they’ve won four premierships (1992, 1994, 2006, 2018), been runners-up three times (1991, 2005, 2015) and played in the finals 25 times. They’re the richest club in the league, won a flag five and-a-half years ago and played finals in 2020. There is no way they should be getting a priority pick. They’ve managed their list poorly and the completely ridiculous price they paid for Tim Kelly is now biting them on the arse. They’re in a hole of their own making, in my opinion.