Seeking a ticket for the match against FC

G’day Blitz! Hope you’re all well. Thread is pretty self explanatory. GA is fine as I’ll probably end up standing in the outer.

Thanks very much!

I don’t use my membership is there a way to get a ticket if i give you a barcode.

Not sure. It’s a membership that gives access to away games, right?

Sorry i just checked not away membership

The ticket merchant website has heaps of tickets. The price for the tickets being sold varies

GA all out according to tickettek website.

Yeah, not sure how legit that site is.

Bum rush the gates with 200 other people.

Looking like my only option!

Ive had good luck on Tixel for a couple of games this year, as well as a couple of other Blitzers.

Might be worth a look.
Im confident that one is legit.

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All memberships give you access to away games this year if i read correctly.

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For those Blitzers who are awake and out there without a ticket you might try here. Used them to get into Anzac day super late. But hurry …

Gonna be a sellout this one. Huge.
And the best part is that we’ll WIN. :+1:

According to the MCG website, EFC members with GA admission can scan in, at last check, but general public tickets are sold out.

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So i can get a ticket but its about $140. Thanks @Stallion

If youre a member you can just scan in on the night and sit in walk up areas.

Doesnt matter its an away game we have access this year.

I doubt it will completely fill, they’ve left quite alot of bays behind for a supposed sell out.


This is what I’ll be relying on, scanning in on membership to get in.

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You shouldn’t have any issue. The GA section won’t be at capacity.

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I’ll let you know mate.

I have 4 with a mate probably not able to make it. Supposed to be coming from Tassie but gone AWOL - funny how it lines up with Fark Carltons form too.

I’m sure I can find someone but happy to ping one over if I can’t.

I’ll let you know by tonight/tomorrow morning.


I just checked and I can get a seat in the AFL members as a guest pass if you still need a ticket, they’re $41.50.

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