SEN Big Essendon Announcement


Have a look at Albatat furniture. There’s a few nice photos on google maps.


Does anyone have stats on the biggest club sponsorship deals in the afl. I may have gone early on calling our deal one of the biggest club deals in Australia and had some carlton and richmond dickheads at work trying to tell me it isn;t even top 10.


Amart’s deal is 10 mill over 5 years, and the ISC jumper sponsor / maker was supposed to be the biggest in the AFL.


I’m really starting to question how important a ‘big’ sponsorship deal even is really.

The A Mart deal is worth 2 million a year - most lucrative sponsorship deal in the AFL.

Last year Essendon’s pokie allotment, which many people (including me) advocate getting rid of, made the club 11 million.


Truth bomb:
Almost every sporting club in the country is pretty much legal money laundering for pokies.


Looking at all the 2019 apparel, I won’t be getting any of it. Absolutely god-awful, the Amart logo looks hideous on the training tops as well…


hideous is too weak a word …

***** ***** ***** ***** awful


It’s not that bad


How does anybody give a fark about this, for more than 5 seconds after the announcement?


Fortunately we don’t have to wear it; it’s only a must for blokes that earn hundreds of thousands of bucks to run around and advertise Amart.


I hope we wear a fat sash and the Amart logo is stretched to fit.


What I don’t get, looking at the 2019 merchandise range is that on the training shirt etc. its that massive ■■■■■■■ Amart logo similar to the guernsey, but on the polo on other performance jumpers etc its nice and neat on the chest with no hint of blue?

Why not just apply that to all of our stuff?!


Still don’t know what the issue is. The 3 logo looked crap too but did anyone care enough to not buy a guernsey?




Prolly something to do with the shedload of cash money.


Would prefer a white background, but im not fussed as long as the cheque clears




It’s fkn awful. And we’re going to win the flag in this trash.


fark, Benfti is gonna kill me :tired_face:

  1. I don’t really care

  2. It actually looks good, ya whingers