SEN Big Essendon Announcement


i for one welcome our opposite sash overlord. welcome back mr petrol.


Was the Fujitsu logo not pretty much the exact same thing as this new one? Dark blue fitting the exact width of the sash? Granted they make a fine budget split system which Amart are yet to manage.


My error, heritage jumper. Actually looks better and less annoying than just the plain white lettering on the main guernsey.



Swung by AMart today as I’m looking for a new desk. They don’t really have desks, but some of their stuff was ‘ok’.

You could definitely fit out a kids room or a holiday house pretty easily on a budget. But they did have expensive stuff too.

When I’m next in need of a mattress Ill definitely try them out here.

Was probably better than ikea quality, and I’ve got heaps of that stuff through my house.


Has it been mentioned how (near) perfectly the angled ‘A’, aligns with the sash?


What does ‘Megalo’ mean?


Really? Guess Franco Cozzo never made it out West.

It means big or something along those lines


Dunno, it’s from the part where he speaks Greek to go gain interest of fellow wog allies.


Yes it means big or large as The_Craw said.


“give me a word”


Megalo. Think Mega-lo.

Mega = large/big etc


No chance, Millennial.


I love wog talk.

We have wog baroque furniture stores over here but they’re not as awesome as Franco Cozzo.


The Vietnamese furniture shops in Footscray have some incredibly gaudy and tacky stuff as well as intricate expensive traditional items.


Fks sake Franco fix ya sign mate. The Italian flag is red white and green. Not brown, rusty brown and brown…


It’s actually Green, White and Red


Can’t say I’ve seen a Vietnamese furniture store over here.


I know what the order is man. Come on, don’t get caught up in semantics here. What is this the Dylan Shiel thread?


Wow… interesting!!

Nice one Doe!


The sash goes over the heart, i always thought that had special meaning.