Set the controls for the heart of the Suns- Essendon v Gold Coast Match Day thread

Kicking off after the Hurley show…

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Those handsome devils



I can’t see how we lose under the roof.

Mabior Chol.

Had a great year and I think he can cause us damage today. Last time he played against us was Dreamtime in 2021 and he was everywhere.

Need to limit his influence.

But really any final result in today’s game would not surprise me at all.

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I heard Dew went into a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant


2MP 11 goals. Bombers by 101.

Is anybody from here going today? I’m kinda on the fence.

Just had a hailstorm here but still planning to go- remember there’s a roof

Bad weather doesn’t bother me. Just wondering if I can be arsed getting a train.

Are you Joe Daniher?


Well, I am a bit of an outlier in my own family…


A+ for the thread title.


Check your timetable- lots of 'bus replacements- then go anyway

And it looks like Mernda/Hurstbridge line trains aren’t going through the loop.

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My kids first ever game

15 goal onslaught in the first quarter. They were kicking them from everywhere.

At Qtr he says time: ‘this is boring, can we go home?’


the biggest positive for those watching at home is that we wont have to contend with needle neck Hudson or Dermie used to play footy Brereton commentating on our game

No, he’s Saul Crack, sitting on the fence too much.

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It was pretty boring.

The only excitement was the last quarter when it looked like we might get to 200 points.