Shiel be Right

Have faith with Shiel. Giving up 2 first round draft picks cannot be wrong…can it?

whats your point?

Just the keep the faith! Reckon he needs another 2 more years at it before we get our reward

you’re gonna need to spell it out for me more.

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Go to school mate

Looks like he’s gunna get a holiday tonight anyway. Careless head high bump!!

This is the worst attempt at trolling I’ve seen with the topic being the guy that’s likely leading our b&f right now… LOL


Cheers racist dingbat.

Joined 1 hour a go. How’s your North doing mate. Still a crap insignificant club

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Admins lock thread clearly a troll

very sensitive guys!! Calm down. Im one of u. Red and black thru and thru.

So did you join just now to post this. Sad

Actually very happy. :grimacing:

And this couldn’t be in the Shiel thread for what reason?

Wtf is this BuLlshit? Sheil will win the BL this year and we will be top 4 by the end of year.