Should I or Should I not?

Doing a bit of house clearing and was looking at some of my magazines.

I’ve got something like 20 years of PC mags (to current), 10 years of Juice and Empire mags (mostly 90s) and a few other gaming mags from that era.

The nostalgia is fun to flick through, once every ten years or so I do.

Should I keep them, or turf them?

Scan and destroy

Heh, magazines hey?! :wink:


If the pages are stuck together it’s time to turf them.

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For the articles!


That was my problem when i moved. The recycling bins at the storage place on Pascoe Vale Rd, just past Moreland Rd heading north got a lot heavier.

Same problem with my book collection (no pages stuck together in this case). Books are heavy…lots you never want to look at again. Kindles are light, and adding books to them doesn’t make them weigh more.

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Turf them.

I had suitcases full of old Juke, RAM, NME and Q Magazines (all music mags) and another full of Bomber Magazines (remember them?)

I’d held onto them for years and barely looked at them. I’d carted them from house to house to house.

I’d contacted the National Library to see if they wanted the Juke magazines for historical reasons… “sure I guess” they said hesitantly, “if you send them up to Canberra for us”. All 3 suitcases of them? Yeah, no worries… I’ll just take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the shipping, shall I?

Last year - after much and prolonged nagging from Mrs B - I finally went through it all. I kept some clippings from the music mags and anything associated with the 2000 GF, but everything else went into the recycling bin over a couple of collections.

I thought it was going to be a real wrench, but it was actually strangely liberating. Having all that space in the music room cupboard was most welcome too.

So… do it I say.


Tear them all up into squares and throw them off the top deck of the Warne stand when we win this years GF
I will bring some docket rolls


Yeah, have a clean out. You can be selective and hang onto a few that you may want to keep.

I had a large collection of Rolling Stone magazines after subscribing for years, along with a few Juice magazines, and didn’t throw any out until I moved house five years ago. Most or all of the Juice mags went, but I kept some of the RS that I considered to be of some value (souvenir/special editions, or featuring artists I’m a big fan of).


Ask a good friend if they wouldn’t mind looking after them for a while, that way they are not in your way.

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Check on eBay see if anyone pays $$$ for them

Some weird stuff ends up with a retro/nostalgia following

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Burn them in an incinerator like a 44 gallon drum in the back yard, watch the coloured smoke yeah that’s how we did it BITD

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