Small defenders

Do we need to get Hank Slattery back?

Talk about being light on!

Herald Sunners in charge at the EFC!

Small defenders are usually transplants from other spots. Wanganeen was a forward, Hardwick was an on baller ditto mark johnson. Spike McVeigh a winger/forward. Plenty of guys to experiment with on the list.

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mediums - Ridley/Francis/Ambrose

Supposedly been looking at DFA’s Jesse Joyce (seems best suited to lockdown role) & Ryley Stoddart

And also could have Lachie Johnson potentially in the small def mix, benfti thinks could do.


I wouldn’t trust any of them on a good small forward.

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I know Saad will be hard to replace, but lockdown wasn’t his strong point. Anyone remember the bath he was given by Elliot last year. The Pies deliberately went to his opponent.

Don’t suggest that in front of @THE_DON1

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Shane Heard is available.

Yep. It’s a massive hole. Guelfi and Redman looked completely at sea against quick small forwards.

Our best player in this position happens to be developing into our best player and an integral part of our midfield, so don’t want him spending time down there.

I know we are not swimming in list spots but I’d looking at the State leagues to pick up someone late in the draft / as a rookie.

Yep. Find another Hibberd or Baguley


Jesse Joyce is listed as 183cm on wikipedia and 191cm on the suns website

We don’t need a 191cm defender who can play tall or small, i think gleeson and Redman have that space covered

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Ryley Stoddart 186cm, so Redman sized. 21 year old, 6 games in 3 seasons at the swans. Never really had the chance to show anything