So who's left?

Rookie draft coming next week …who’s left besides Cassidy Parish

I think Cassidy Parish is still available?


Nobody took Scloithe?


Cassidy Parish and Alex Boyse

Good point. Do we know anything about him?

Day didn’t get taken did he?

Nope he didn’t

Also I wonder how many picks we will use? 2?

Freo will end up taking Parish.

Anyone in the know … is Cassidy Parish a poor man’s Dylan Clark? I mean are they similar types as inside mids with kicking issues? But Clark seemingly better?

To me, it sounds like our rookie list is going to be:

  • McKernan
  • Draper
  • McNiece
  • Rookie pick 11

…because if Long was upgraded to the senior list, this is the only way I can explain us having a single rookie pick on Monday.

Doesn’t McNeice stay Rookie B?

Yes, and I think long did get upgraded

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That’s what confuses me.

Dodoro’s article on the club website today intimated only one pick on Monday, if we took three tonight…

But if that’s the case, I need to use McNiece to pad out the conventional rookie list…so???

I didn’t realise Dodoro had said that.
What you’re saying must be the only possible option.
Seems a waste though

Still some good players available, would be happy to take any of these kids

Trent Mynott
Noah Answerth
Charlie Thompson
Ethan Floyd
Matthew Day
Jordan Butts
Harrison Jones
Aaron Darling
Angus Atyles
Aiden Domic
Doulton Langlands
Seb Williams
Alex Federico
Nathan Krueger
Alex Martini
Matthew King
Jake Riccardi
Jack Roughsedge

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Thanks. A bunch of those I thought looked good from what was available to see.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

Assuming 2 picks I’d like to go a taller midfielder (eg Day, maybe Parrish), and a more dangerous outside player (eg Floyd, maybe Narrier or Milera).

But I guess we’ll see. Good chance we get 2 completely random names.

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Unless Dodoro always intended to take 2 on Monday and wasn’t sure on whether it’d be 2 or 3 tonight? I have no idea. Soon find out.

Video recorded pre draft on the club site Disco confirmed either two or three picks tonight, which we ended up taking the 3. Then that would determine if we took 1 or 2 picks Monday, so it will be one pick.


Post draft wrap up he re-iterates that it’s one pick in the rookie draft. We must have moved McNiece onto the main rookie list. Weird. I wonder if we’ve got a couple of NGA rookie B options lined up.