Some Expensive "Healthy" Breads shown to be not so much

This mob make about 3 sourdough fruit loaves and they can increase gas production but the other sourdoughs, no!

The bacon sourdough was good but the pepper and parmesan probably better. The sourdoughs sold by the two bakeries in town are no comparison to the Bakehouse ones.

Thanks for posting that info, BSD. I have Meniere’s disease and have to follow a low salt diet, so this is really valuable for me. Will now go searching for Bill’s Certified Organic breads.

Lol, … probably not, … but silly me for thinking that’s what all those freakily numbered preservatives were for …

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The shocking truth about bread

Flour, yeast, water and salt - a traditional loaf needs only four ingredients. So why are calcium propionate, amylase, chlorine dioxide and L-cysteine hydrochloride now crammed into our daily bread? Andrew Whitely, Britain’s leading organic baker, reveals how our staple foodstuff was transformed into an industrial triumph, but a nutritional and culinary disaster. And, overleaf, he shares essential recipes for making your own slice of homemade heaven
Wednesday 23 August 2006 23:00

And this is even scarier …

This is terrible but not at all unexpected. How do you all think that supermarket bread lasts so long? Of course it has to be packed with salt.

Buy proper bread (ie from a bakery) and you won’t have a salt problem.

When I was working at Goodman Fielder many moons ago, we used artificial preservatives in brands like Wonder White (some powder that had a 3 digit number on the list of ingredients) whereas Helgas used what they called a natural preservative (vinegar).

Without the preservatives, the bread would go stale as quickly as the loaves you buy from Brumby’s or Baker’s Delight.

We eat all the multigrain seeded stuff but seriously… how great is a piece of fresh white bread with loads of butter and hot chips. They greatest thing in the world


Almost as good as a decent slice of Devon sausage on cheap white bread with tomato sauce.

I go the good ol fashioned wholemeal when possible. But the wife gets the white wholemeal option for Billy Jnr…

If you were to get the no salt… bread would last a day or 2 tops.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a packet of square bread. Maybe - 20 years ago?

The street food vendors here batter and deep fry slices of white bread. No flavour or sauce or anything. Just fried bread. It’s revolting.

So how many have you devoured?


Bread Pakora! I ordered it once from my local Indian joint for a giggle. Not good.

WTF? Not even a sprinkle of salt?

I think the message with all foodstuffs is try not to eat or drink much of the highly refined/not even really food stuff (take away occasionally, sweets, chips, biscuits, crap with trans fats hardly ever), eat a little of the slightly refined stuff if you have to (white flour, white rice, pasta, cured meats) and the rest is fair game with some degree of moderation.

With bread, you probably shouldn’t eat a lot of it day to day regardless of how refined it is and if you can be bothered choosing then go for the wholemeal stuff.

The part where I fall over is with a nice red or scotch. Sometimes literally.

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I make my own bread and use very little salt.
Feel free to pm me for a lend of one of my kaftans.