Something doesn’t add up

Take it out of the Trent thread and move it here

When you look at the 2 indigenous players on our list. They were the safest selections we could have made for indigenous players. In fact Tippa had to jump through sooo many hoops to get a rookie shot, it wasn’t until the supporters started asking questions to the club, that he got picked.

Both have:

great family (club knew both families well)
great character (club knew this by years of being around the club)
great education
Great friendship circles.

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again, lol


What about the 3rd indigenous player on our list?

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No one knew until S_K posted it yesterday.

We did have another player on our list for about five minutes last year.


I understand that, but i just think if they’re potting the club about this then get the facts straight, regardless of when those facts came out

I did. Cos I read what S_K posted about it months ago.


I heard something really disturbing about that too. It would really put an angry cat amongst the pigeons

Watered down version, fair to say we spent 3 years settting standards for him to reach to prove he was ready, and when he finally did he infact was beyond ready and has moved into the top 10 on our list and one of the premier players to watch in the AFL.

It was mentioned by HM in the draft thread, we seem to be asking these kids to overcome their disadvantage before we consider them instead of assisting these kids to overcome them. Which flys in the face of the image we portrait to the general public


Is the court thing finished?

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Not about what he did to end up there

Just asking.

Adrian Doddoro said in an interview:
“I’m constantly stopped on the street, and sent constant emails about us picking him up.”

I can agree it was not the ultimate reason he got selected, it certainly played a vital part in putting pressure on Doddoro to pick him.

I believe so fwiw

Well, good.
Hopefully it worked out okay.
He’s still 20, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

Your claim is bogus. No amount of fans asking anything got him drafted. Essendon had put plenty of years and money into Walla, and he worked his absolute butt off to get there. Any claims any of us had anything to do with is fantasy land.


what indigenous player should we have drafted?

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Narrier, went to port a few picks after


North sorry

I’m annoyed in reading that bio and seeing the clip.

When we not giving this type of player a rookie spot when we are lacking in developing depth for that type it’s very frustrating.

Still got Jerrett though!