Songs you haven't heard in years


So looking at songs that were perhaps popular in their day but don’t get heard anymore.

Came across this one.


This song gets the odd spin every now and then on Gold104 FM. We have it on at work and have heard it quite a few times already.


Nada Surf’s one hit wonder.

Had the biggest crush on the girl in this clip 20 years ago. Geez I feel old…


Actually bought the album that one was from. “Blind to Reason”

Always remember it as an odd purchase for me, considering what I was listening to in my 20’s … then recall that I was quite taken with Hothouse Flowers at the time, so I blame them, … & the girl that was in the picture then.

Not that he’s no good,… he did what he did well. … & I Just wiki’d him, turns out he’s still kicking and released a new record 18 months ago.



Talk It Over reminds me of I Want To Wake Up With You by Boris Gardiner.
It was a summer number one and I could not for the life of me figure out how.
A guy named Boris was number one, for a start.


Blush - The Hummingbirds
One of those late 80’s - early 90’s Oz bands that seemingly came and went in the blink of an eye. Great track though… one of several good 'uns they had. Ridiculously 80’s video though…





Someone’s gonna post Rick Astley, aren’t they?


Heard Forgotten years by Midnight Oil at the bowling alley the other night. Bought back some solid memories.


It’s James Hird!


Thought about it myself, Soulnet.



Literally heard it twenty minutes ago on my Spotify.




Classic. My U/17 footy team adopted this as our unofficial team song.


Funny, I heard this on ■■■ at work last week, and said at the time it’d be about 30 years since I last heard it.
Listen to ■■■ long enough and you’ll hear plenty of songs you’d forgotten.