Songs you haven't heard in years


Not even ashamed.
I love this song.
Thank you, Christian Television Ads.

And oh my, the eighties video...






Jesus! How old are you?



Geoblocked in the UK. They're still earning royalties?


Ok, if I want to add a video or whatever, what is the best way to do it, Miss Ellie/Reboot looking at you??


I use YouTube, search whatever song you want, when you have it, just copy the URL and paste it here.


As far as I know.

Just testing this


Hmm this is not like everyone else does, what else should I do


You need to post the url (from the address bar of your browser) not the youtube search results


Once you've pasted, check to see if the clip has come through in the box next to the one you write reply in.


Ok just checked your link, you have to click on the song you want first, then copy and do the paste.


Just listening today about the 40th anniversary of the Rumours Album by Fleetwood Mac, very interesting


You need to cut and paste the bit highlighted in blue


Like this???