Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”

Yes it is fascinating listening to Hamish interview Gil - hard hitting stuff.

Imagine if it was Hirdy asking the questions - now that would have been worth a listen


No, the decision to put 3 twats out of 4 on it did


slow interweb

Can someone post hirdys article from the Hun?

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Yep … here


What a legend Jimmy is. It’s great to see him back out there.

Brought a tear to my eye when describing what he went through.


I won’t pollute the positivity of the other thread. But I hope Fitzpatrick chokes on his cornflakes every time he sees one of Hirdys articles.


Er…if they are only potential listeners then they are not listening anyway and can’t turn off.

I seriously doubt the the drop of of rating is due to disgruntled Essendon supporters. Seriously we don’t have that much power.

The flaw in the SEN business model is that only a very few people want to listen to wall-to-wall sport. And of those that do aren’t allowed to by the Mrs.

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Jeez, I didn’t know your Mrs wielded such power to affect the media industry.


You dont know the half of it


Please tell me her name is not Liz…

… or Sarah!


Once again, none of it makes sense and will probably remain a riddle until the truth is revealed and unanswered questions are answered. This will probably never happen. Robson head hunted from Hawthorn supposedly for his genius and what an absolute dud he turned out to be at the EFC. His staff miss- management skills, lack of governance and inability to act in a crisis, as shown during the supplement saga. Now at Melbourne Victory and apparently doing a marvellous job. Did he just have a couple of bad years at the EFC and then regained his insight???

Paul Hamilton goes from being hopelessly inept at Essendon, walks into a position at the AFL then becomes State Manager for Player Development this year. What a genius! What the???

David Evans runs a very successful business and yet, failed miserably, at Essendon during the crisis perhaps because, he was hopelessly conflicted. Refusing to sack staff and pay them out namely Dank and Robinson, who were obviously not performing and breaching the AFL rules by their lack of Governance and slack supervision. The EFC ended up playing out Dean Robinson to the tune of a cool million plus and somehow; Dean managed to score an MBA and a good position at a very well known firm of Accountants in Melbourne. Yet his Governance skills and Management of staff under him at the EFC, completely failed in terms of reporting to superiors about problems, a total lack of supervision of staff namely Dank and was absolutely in-meticulous at his record keeping.

And; then there’s the Essendon Board - hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil. Eyes wide shut. What an absolute mystery and the miracles, where several people did a complete about face and turned their lives around. Inspirational really!!!


Was making tea in my work kitchen and 2 out of 2 people walked in, took a look at the Herald Sun cover, made a disparaging comment and left (“oh, doesn’t he love the limelight” and “oh, 5 weeks in a fancy clinic and he’s all better now”… (they didn’t know my allegiances). I made a retort back and both looked startled at the fact that their comments had been challenged (they were expecting me to agree).


It’s sad that the first thing I think is please, please don’t let it have anything to do with us:

AFL Victoria has been made aware by ASADA of a potential breach by a VFL player of the competition’s Rules & Regulations, specifically the Anti Doping Code (which covers performance enhancing substances).

Players are made well aware of the risks and subsequent sanctions in relation to prohibited substances.

Prior to each season, all VFL Clubs take part in several education programs including the requirements of the Anti-Doping Code, with all players required to attend each session.

AFL Victoria is in direct contact with ASADA each year to ensure we comply with their requirements, and that our education strategies are appropriate.

In order to maintain the integrity of the ASADA process regarding the VFL player, AFL Victoria is not in a position to offer further comment.

Was it Bock?

No, it’s a VFL player.

“In order to maintain the integrity of the ASADA process…”

Integrity and ASADA? FFS!


I used to have it on all the time once since the saga got under way & they decided to be nasty every five minutes I turned it off haven’t had it on for over 2 years now


I hope ASADA is telling everybody how to read the WADA website so they can find banned substances which are not listed!