Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Curious? That’s the point of this farce.


Kieran Perkins is a great nomination, bigallan. I would suggest that the panel and the direction the panel takes will be determined by the establishment institutions you mention. A proper enquiry requires groups and/or individuals who have different, even dissenting views, ideas, experiences, philosophies to these institutions who are riddled with conflicts of interest and a “protect the image” mindset.

Howman has a massive conflict of interest being a WADA executive and a member of the IOC. He travelled the world espousing the need for CAS deliver a guilty verdict in the Essendon case, and they delivered. He now sits on a panel in judgement of an anti-doping framework than is riddled with problems created by our association with WADA. One might suggest that ASADA was created in WADA’s image.

Howman’s inclusion on this panel should be challenged (but it won’t). His views and input on the panel must be challenged (but they won’t).

"The Code has been drafted giving consideration to the principles of proportionality and human rights." This sentence is contained in the opening statement in the current version of the WADA Code (2015). This same statement was buried in the previous version but was brought front and centre in this latest version after much discussion amongst Olympics delegates and former athletes.

Certainly Howman’s WADA didn’t adhere to their own guiding principles when dealing with the Essendon 34. And again he sits in judgement of Australian athletes.


Hunt is not the cure, he is part of the disease.


Following Clothier’s elevation as IAAF ethics commissar, I thought I’d check out the IAAF Code of Ethics.( available on the IAAF site).
Under the anti- doping provisions there is a lot of latitude for testing positive to a contaminated product, which is defined as.
" A product that contains a prohibited substance that is not disclosed on the product label or in information available in a reasonable Internet search"
There is strict liability and less strict liability …


why would they want balance? that would defeat the purpose of this whole whitewashing exercise that will find only small things to change & say that the anti doping in this country is top notch & needs no huge overhaul !!!


How this is not obvious to all athletic groups is beyond me did they all just take the misguided presumption that the 34 were guilty without ever actually looking at the lack of evidence against them?


I would encourage Blitzers to send an email to Greg Hunt and express your disgust at the appointment of ex WADA Director General David Howman to the panel investigating Integrity in Sport. The reasons are many.

email to [email protected]

OR you can tweet him at @GregHuntMP


Completely seperate but assuming people have seen this one.

CAS are a fkn joke. 2 year suspension for a lip balm. I don’t bother with the Olympics, much prefer the world cup but Jesus this organisation is a joke. As is the IOC.

BTW: FIFA is even worse.

Fark Carlton.

End Rant


probably chewing lip balm like clem


She’s a skier, precribed by her doctor for health reasons, but the WADA banned ingredient was listed on the label, so no discount. If she had gotten a TUE it might have been OK. Doesn’t matter if it is performance enhancing so long as it is WADA proscribed and WADA has not set any tolerance limits.
Apparently Vicks products produced in some countries also contain WADA banned substances.
Another scalp for WADA as it chases down athletes.


The Norwegian’s cheat with the best of them,. They never miss the chance to point fingers at others, but never at themselves - The most interesting thing about this case was Jodagh secured the services of hotshot lawyers Morgan and Jacobs - These two have an excellent record of getting light sentences for athletes who admit and acknowledge their guilt, but in this case they failed - It’s also important to acknowledge that this was a majority verdict which should be a no-no - Once you have three arbitrators it should be an unanimous verdict - Also note Jodagh is considering an appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court.


Olympic World Beauty? Destined for ‘page 3 girl’?


Yes. Appalling. Champion in her chosen sport still being referred to by her appearance.


A new report on the AOC which defines their culture…and the culture of WADA and the CAS.


Just about every sports organisation ever!!!


Now, about those AFL internal reviews which are never publicly released …
The may be scope to look at the AFL via the Commonwealth Australian Charities and not- for - profits Commission. Its work is mainly directed at charities Including governance standards , in regard to tax exemptions, but conceivably its mandate is wider. Susan Alberti is on the Board.



Dont forget. Summarizes all that remains wrong.


The Ethics Centre report on the AOC can be accessed on
On the basis of my quick read, I don’t see how Coates can get away with blaming the problems on staff who have left.
An interesting observation in the report is that the AOC signs on to ASX corporate governance standards, which, in the view of the authors it cannot meet in full as it is subject to IOC direction.


LOL What a prick. “No my fault!”


It’s the leaderships fault, but not my leadership. Fk off Coates!