Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


and yet he got away with it!!! how??


nothing to do with the football



What is this about?


A security guard is suing the EFC and his employer after he got hurt in a brawl outside the club in 2012.




Mate. We all know this is the case. The posted tweet has no relevance today.


It does to me mate because it nothing has changed


The most relevant post in the last few is the one from Big Allan.

Legal costs for athletes to attend Anti Doping Tribunals is not a recent phenomenon.


But because something has been wrong for a time does not make it any less wrong. Indeed there is a case for it to be fixed urgently.


We don’t need a tweet from April 2015 to start a discussion - Don’t think anything will change if they ever introduce a one-stop Australian doping tribunal.


How angry does this tweet make you?

SEN 1116‏Verified account @SENNews 2h2 hours ago
Have you forgiven Essendon? | | #TheRunHome


I’m more bemused than anything else.


I’m angry Jobe has a broken finger and still handballs legally.


Thier ratings must shit).


Jobe’s father works for them…


There are a few people that this Essendon suporter has not forgiven and never will
Ralph is one of the unforgiven


It’s all a sham. He married that bird from NYC on the sky, just covering up the ring.


I don’t think I have any energy left to be angrier about the saga. I have lost friends and stopped talking to colleagues over this ■■■■. I would also happily smash many members of the media without care of recourse.

I’ll never stop being mad, I’m like a kettle that is stuck on boil.


It came up in my FB feed.

I’m not going to lie… it’s pretty much ruined my whole morning.


Not angry at all. They are a piece of ■■■■. We are finals bound. Fark them.