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Is Mark Robinson spineless in the same sense he claims Essendon were spineless?
I need some help. I am not sure whether Mark Robinson is spineless in the same sense he claimed Essendon players were spineless.

Please help me decide. There are two ways to look at his articles and his comments, and lack of comments, on Fox 360. You must remember Robinson. He is the bloke who had Eddie Betts’s head on the chopping block when he was at Carlton; Hardwick and Trent Cotchin’s heads on the block last year; Buckley, Eade and Simpson’s heads this year, etcetera. John Maynard Keynes couldn’t solve the unemployment problem Robinson tries to create.

“Do you congratulate him and patronise him and say, ‘Really good effort, hitting Gill twice with a wet lettuce leaf during the season. God, you have got balls because McLachlan may withdraw your accreditation, it was a terrific effort’, or you deal with reality and say that your coverage of the Essendon saga over the four years was such a spineless, pathetic performance.” Inter alia, Robinson has not written about:

The AFL and ASADA running an a corrupted investigation into Essendon. I have given Robinson countless irrefutable examples.

None of the CAS 16 strands in the cable standing up to scrutiny

THE AFL and ASADA deciding to investigate Essendon on Friday 1 February 2013, which meant Andrew Demetriou, Gill McLachlan and David Evans lied when they said Essendon self-reported on 5 February 2013. To his shame, Robinson went along with the self-report lie.

McLachlan conspiring with ASADA, the Gillard government and the Essendon board on the grounds of the ‘no fault’ clause. A clause which was not available to the Essendon players. Robinson failed to mention that McLachlan’s actions were in breach of the WADA Code.

The AFL breaching the WADA Code by registering, and employing, Stephen Dank at the Gold Coast Suns.

The AFL breaching the WADA Code by registering Dank to work at Essendon

The AFL not telling the Essendon players in 2011 and 2012 that it believed that they were being administered life threatening banned substances.

The AFL not telling 48 non-Essendon players that 15 of them had possible dangerous high levels of Thymosin Beta-4 in their urine. One non-Essendon player had a TB-4 reading 34 times higher than all but one of the banned Essendon players and he hasn’t been told his life may be in danger.

ASADA instructing staff from the German laboratory to remove the names of the non-Essendon players from the samples after 15 of the 48 players had high Thymosin Beta-4 readings.

The AFL colluding with ASADA, the Gillard Government and the Essendon chairman to determine the result of the investigation before the first witness was interviewed. In my world that’s called ‘match-fixing’. In the cricket world, players are sent to gaol for bowling no balls at a predetermined moment.

As the joint employer with the Essendon board, the AFL commissioners being responsible for the health and safety of the Essendon players.

The Essendon organisation structure that placed James Hird on a different branch from the football departure, which meant legally he had no responsibility for the supplement programme.

There was only evidence that eight players had been administered Thymosin and therefore 26 players should never have even been issued Show Cause notices let alone charged and be found guilty of being administered Thymosin Beta-4.

The AFL defrauding Essendon of $2 million

The AFL selling Essendon members preferential seating to the 2013 finals series after deciding to ban Essendon from playing in the finals series.

The Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau, was one of nine AFL commissioners who denied Essendon, James Hird, Mark Thompson and Danny Corcoran procedural fairness. Although she was to sit on the jury if charges were to be laid, she accepted not only McLachlan’s declaration that Essendon et al were guilty, but she embraced McLachlan’s penalties before the investigation was completed.

ASADA changed evidence; fabricated evidence; omitted evidence and capitulated to both the Gillard Government and AFL pressure

ASADA chief executive Ben McDevitt misleading Parliament on numerous occasions during his Senate Estimates hearing appearance on 3 March 2016

Senators Jonathan Duniam and Senator Linda Reynolds and their Community Services Committee mates were being either inept or covering-up McDevitt’s lies.

Andrew Demetriou spreading untrue rumours about Hird’s private life.

McLachlan lying during his interview with Alan Jones

McLachlan lying to Carly Crawford on 8 August 2013 about Andrew Dillon not having decided whether to lay charges against Essendon and Hird.

McLachlan contributing to the destruction of James Hird’s life just because ‘it was about the optics’.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) knowingly using tainted evidence, omitting evidence and attempting to influence the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) panel before the hearing.

The CAS panel, which included the former chief justice of the NSW Supreme Court Justice James Spigelman being biased, inept and delivering a corrupted guilty verdict.

The Victorian WorkSafe Authority being inept, arguably corrupt

The Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office being inept or deliberately covering up ASADA corruption

The AFL never checking whether any club had complied with clause 7.4 of the AFL’s Anti-Doping code.

Ignoring the above is tantamount to condoning unparalleled corruption.

In case you are unaware, I don’t take too kindly to dirt throwers accusing AFL players or league or union players being labelled spineless.

Bruce Francis


Can’t argue with that.


They all condone corruption because they are all corrupt …the reason the afl didn’t tell players that they were taking life threating drugs is that they weren’t taking them …that was a smoke screen to inflame the public & get them on side so they could smash us …no duty of care from the afl about privacy or mental health …no one cared to find out that not only did the majority of players not have Thymomodulin none of them had TB4 or any other illegal substance …the government are the worst allowing a foreign tribunal to prosecute & convict people found not guilty in our own legal system but then allowed a foreign court to tell them that Australian legal principles didn’t matter …where do we even go to get this corrected ???


WADA has released the evidence gathered for the Russian investigation , not that it intends to pursue all but one case ( because of insufficient evidence).

On the other hand, ASADA continues to refuse to make available the evidence before the ADRVP in respect of Essendon and others.


Alan Hird has written another article in the Hun (behind paywall).

Nope, I couldn’t access it.


Why did WADA go after Essendon players but let Russian drug cheats go unpunished?
Allan Hird, Herald Sun
September 15, 2017 4:13pm
Subscriber only
Is the Essendon drugs saga finally over?
Jobe’s pain: how saga changed everything
Inside the secret CAS appeal hearings
IF only the Essendon players had been Russians.

The banned Bombers players would have been free to play in the 2016 season, and Jobe Watson would have kept his Brownlow.

The New York Times reporter Rebecca R. Ruiz has revealed how WADA has let 95 Russians get away with doping despite having ‘mountainous evidence of Russia’s doping scheme’.

Ruiz’s article suggests WADA simply did not have the appetite to pursue the Russian athletes.

Despite knowing tainted urine samples were destroyed, WADA did not take the next step and look for non-analytical evidence.

Former Essendon coach James Hird in 2013.
Despite the Russian whistleblower, Dr Grigory Rodchenkov (the former Russian anti-doping lab chief) offering to testify, WADA claims he was uncontactable.

Ruiz also reports a concern held by anti-doping officials that the International Olympic Committee may have influenced WADA’s decision not to prosecute the 95 Russians.

According to Ruiz WADA has conclusive evidence that proves the Russian athletes were part of a doping system.

Yet they have been allowed by the IOC to keep their medals from the 2014 Sochi Games and WADA has decided not to prosecute them.

It’s okay then for 95 Russians who WADA knew all along had taken banned substances to get away with it scot-free.

Two different sets of rules?
Contrast the treatment of the 95 Russians with that meted out to 34 Essendon footballers.

Urine samples taken from the Essendon players proved negative.

And as they were not destroyed they were available to WADA.

The Players were charged by ASADA and were prosecuted before a tribunal comprising two judges and a barrister.

The tribunal applying Australian law found the players innocent.

ASADA could not prove its case. That should have been the end of the matter.

But no, WADA with the urging of ASADA and ASADA’s financial backing to the tune of $US100, 000 and the use of ASADA’s lawyers took the players before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Essendon fans descend continued to support the players. Picture: Alex Coppel
Based on a case that would have been thrown out in any Australian court, CAS decided that the players were guilty.

The Russian doping occurred at the same time as ASADA and WADA pursued the Essendon footballers.

But what a contrast there is between the action of the anti-doping authorities in the two cases.

WADA knew the Russians were guilty but decided not to prosecute.

One has to ask why. Is it the fact WADA and the IOC have an inherent conflict of interest?

Is it that the Russians are too powerful? Or is it simply that it all got too hard for WADA, especially when it could find easier victims to justify it revenue?

The Essendon players never tested positive for a banned substance and they were found not guilty under Australian law.

Yet, WADA decided to go after them. And it did so with ASADA urging it on, while the Australian government allowed ASADA to give WADA use of its lawyers and $US100,000.

Quite frankly this stinks.
Russian Olympic athletes get away with doping and get to keep their medals.

The Essendon players, based on a dodgy CAS decision, missed the 2016 season

and the fairest and best footballer in 2012, Jobe Watson was stripped of his Brownlow.

Surely the Australian Parliament has to wake up and do something.

If the Senate can inquire into why the ARU dropped the Western Force from the competition,

surely it should be looking at the double standards employed by WADA.

There is no clear reason why the Senate is concerning itself with the Western Force decision.

As the ARU Chairman, Cameron Clyne, has pointed out: ‘It is a highly unusual step for a Government to single out a national sporting organisation for this type of process, particularly when there is no policy or legislation under review in relation to Australian Rugby’

However, in the Essendon matter there were and are compelling reasons why the Senate

should be interested.

Essendon fans descend on Melbourne’s CBD for their ‘Walk to the MCG’ in support of the banned players at the start of the 2016 season. Picture: Alex Coppel

Jobe Watson could still have his Brownlow. Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images
The players were athletes competing in a solely Australian domestic competition, but because of Australia’s UNESCO obligations, were forced to appear before CAS by WADA an international body.

WADA’s case at CAS was funded by ASADA and supported by ASADA lawyers. In effect WADA’s pursuit of the Essendon players depended on ASADA resources all of which were appropriated by the Australian Parliament.

Finally, ASADA is a statutory body established by the Australian Parliament and accountable

to it.

There is clear evidence that WADA has allowed known Russian drug cheats to get away with it.

Surely, it’s time for the Australian government to investigate the treatment of the 34 Essendon footballers.

After all, the contrast could not be more stark.

WADA knows the Russians are guilty but let them off.

Yet even though the Essendon players consistently passed all drug tests and were cleared by a properly constituted tribunal, WADA went after them with Australian tax payer money.

Allan Hird is a former Essendon player and father of Essendon great James Hird.


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Worth repeating… BOCK!


or is that Bockerov?


I still wonder about Trengrove? at Melbourne. Mysterious foot injury for about 2 years, returns without any fanfare at all, being a previous captain you’d think someone had an article to post. And now he has been delisted. Hmm my conspiracy hat is on :flushed:


All the huff and puff - 17 national anti-doping organisations ( including ASADA) , all of them WADA signatories - calling out the IOC ( which contributes 50% of WADA funds) on Russia and asking it to suspend Russian Olympic Committee from the next Winter Olympics. Notably, no criticism of WADA for its inaction on Russian athletes.


They can suspend the yanks and brits whilst they’re at it as well. Hypocrites.
Or even better, cancel the wastr of money that is the Olympics.


Coates now in the IOC forever, they’ll have to carry him out in a box. No fear of anyone.


Tracey Holmes gave the WADA treatment of Russians and Essendon a run towards the end of the Ticket program. She interviewed Tony Nolan QC, who suggested that WADA goes for the low hanging fruit as compared to the big systemic doping issues and that, in the Russian case, despite WADA assertions to the contrary, the whistleblower said he is prepared to speak further. The thrust of his interview was that there was probably more evidence to pursue the Russians.
. He also noted that there were more than 34 Essendon players involved, but that for whatever reason, ASADA chose not to pursue them.


ASADA and Mcidiot have a lot to answer for. Anyone know what he is doing now?


Rotting in hell I hope.


Jackson Taylor update Stabby?


Great to see the rAge run an article today about how amazing it is that StevieJ got up and about after some injections helped his knee…FFS


And Cox’s evidence was flawed as well and should have been challenged. But the players legals were slaughtered by WADA and CAS legals.

We have seen and read about so many cases in the past 6 years or so where athletes have been charged and found guilty of PED usage when the medical facts surrounding the individual athletes have not been fully investigated, the chemistry of the alleged PEDs has not been fully researched and documented, the status of some PEDs appears to be based on perception rather than rigorously researched and tested scientific evidence, the WADA accredited laboratories were found to be in breach of world’s best practice standards and the administration of these organisations riddled with governance, integrity and conflict of interest issues.

I have said this before online and in the public arena that based on the science alone this was a stitchup.