Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


It’s an article about his struggles.


According to a 2011 report in the Hun, Frawley was supposed to be developing a new funding model for the AFLCA. Its then funding came from the AFL to the tune of $650k a year ( it was seeking more). The AFL was paying Frawley’s wage as AFLCA CEO,
If anyone thinks the AFLCA did not talk to the AFL on the saga and clear its lines with the AFL, tell them they’re dreaming.
There was no way Frawley could carry out the AFLCA primary objective, defined as “…the overall welfare and development of coaches”


More on AFLCA finances. It seems that when Mark Brayshaw took over as CEO, it turned a small profit, almost entirely due to 17 of the 18 coaches giving up their $5k professional development allowance in 2014. Bomber was the only one who refused. Not like him to hold a grudge.


Going back over the history of Frawley’s tenure as AFLCA CEO, that Hamish interview is a crock of whatever to suggest that the Essendon saga was the trigger for his collapse. He was also heavily criticised for not supporting Dean Bailey, as well as for management failures and lost the confidence of the coaches.


Athletes need a forum to discuss these issues…otherwise, administrators and regulators (who own and manage sport for everybody) will continue to blame shift the problems they create.


Give him a job at AFL House.


pity that the conspiracy of silence …does it extend to those retired from law as well? wasn’t at least one of those tribunal guys retired?


There is a lot of demand for retired judges on inquiries and tribunals


Frawley was completely the wrong person for the role. Had too many other vested interests.


When does Frawley start at KPMG?


I agree with you, but he was never meant to seriously look out for the coaches, that was probably the point. .


Sharpe of ASADA has issued a statement welcoming a TGA ban on DMBA and DMHA ( supplement ingredients) on health grounds, while noting that their effects had not been fully studied or clinically evaluated. His stated reasons for wanting them banned included the fact that they are WADA banned.
While there may be valid reasons for the TGA ban, it would be unfortunate if the TGA were to to take on the role of a WADA warrior.
Sharpe lauding the decision on the ASADA site is a worry in itself


And anyone who thinks putting Danny Frawley in charge of the AFL Coaches Association was by accident, is kidding themselves big time. The one thing the AFL do well is they know how to choose the person for the right job. When the task is complete they are gone.


The AFL functions as a monopoly without accountability to shareholders. Frawley!s collapse was triggered by his exposure as an AFL lackey.


Well said!


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“Dogs test positive for drugs” - leave out the bits we don’t need and demand Gordon proves innocence.


I might be out of line here, but i think our recent recruiting success may not be all of our own doing.
Just saying.


Can you explain further?


My tin foil hat says that this could be true.