Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Get around it in the J34 thread


Did I mention…get around it


I know many Blitzers would love to talk to this guy.

Perhaps he knows where the bodies are buried?

Here is your chance. Next Tuesday.


FYI: During the ASADA investigation, Chris Pollard was the lawyer representing Essendon administration staff


Sky pro cycling cleared by UKAD over the Bradley Wiggins ’ jiffy bag’ issue - Was always going to happen, seeing there was no material evidence of the substance in question.


UKAD justification for closing the Jiffy bag investigation was one of insufficient records. Parallels with Essendon.
Vernec, WADA Medical Director is reported as saying that the Essendon case was the biggest scandal in anti-doping history.
Keep up the good work WADA, chase down the low hanging fruit in minnow sports and minnow countries and maintain the record of just about every Olympic Games being tainted with doping scandals. And don’t knock back generous donations from Russia


I find this most interesting and some unnerving parallels with complicit nature of the two major parties and the saga.


Thanks hoffy! Things that make you go hmmmmm.


Latest from Jackson Taylor…be the first to decipher it


FFS. Among their excuses is that a billion dollar organisation like the AFL could not respond in a timely fashion because someone had to take school holidays off.

Yet another entry in the bulging Saga Truth-Is-Stranger-Than-Fiction Archives.

What are these million dollar lawyers Gill hired going to come up with next? We couldn’t respond in time because the dog ate our homework?



The Symposium has the support from a few ethical journalists. Get around it.


Looks dodgy :wink: …but he’s OK.


Its next Tuesday.


"I intended not only to defend my integrity and my image as an athlete but also the values I have defended all my career.
“I also wish to avoid any public figure from making insulting or false allegations against an athlete using the media, without any evidence or foundation and to go unpunished.”:


pity a few more wouldn’t go the media when they report gossip as truth


OK, I am being sent misc news reports…The following is an unsubstantiated rumour; treat very carefully, then speculate wildly:

“McLachlan is quitting the AFL (i.e. being pushed out for an indiscretion) to join Crown Casino”

If substantiated, I hope journalists may now be able to print the truth behind the Essendon saga without recriminations. For example, they will be able to reflect on the integrity of an organisation that spreads unfounded and malicious gossip about a coach they wish to discredit.



Casinos and crooks-perfect match.
Vlad will have the welcome mat out.



So if Gill the Dill gets the flick from the AFL, does he still have to front court if requested?


Is there any chance this case is contributing just as much to Gil’s rumoured departure as his rumoured extra-curricula activities are?