Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Robinson got paid for telling lies in that interview with Luke Darcy


That’s what I mean?

No individual is going to risk their own future and career to uphold principles and values.


Again, all of that was irrelevant because it was after the AFL paid for Lawyers allowed the CAS hearing to proceed & find the players guilty. If all the Australian legal minds were so clear that it was a miscarriage of justice then it couldn’t possibly have been that difficult to at the absolute least seek a Supreme court injunction against the CAS proceedings. Its completely useless to decry the process AFTER we’d allowed the kangaroo court to proceed with our participation. Our Swiss court appeal was pathetic & was doomed to fail just like it was doomed to fail to try to argue we shouldn’t have answered ASADA’s questions under the AFL’s powers. This failure to stand up for very basic rights at the time they were actually being infringed cost the players through the whole process. I have to conclude they were either very poorly represented OR their representation was actually acting on behalf of the bill payer - the AFL. We KNOW that the AFL were never ever putting the players interests 1st so why the hell would they be paying for lawyers to act against what they were doing???


Exactly and Darcy knew he was telling lies. Stage managed bulldust.


Its NOT important to those who matter and who have the connections.

Its only important to us.


You’ve hit the nail smack bang on the head JBOMBER.

When Hird’s appeal was overturned in the Federal Court, the writing was on the wall in hindsight, “the fix was on.” Not one Australian legal eagle supposedly representing the players, saw what was actually happening or, did they simply turn a blind eye?

The EFC players, Hird, Thompson, Corcoran might have been naïve and acted upon advice by Lawyers paid for by the AFLPA. Apart from Hird who paid out millions in costs at the Federal Court. His determination for the truth to come about bought about his demise. No one really understood the bentness of the men at work and their power.

Can anyone honestly say, the EFC and the Members of the EFC Board were also that naïve? That is what really sticks in my craw!


Say that again


I agree with your inference about the EFC Board. Evans set the scene. He did a deal with Demetriou, ASADA and the Gillard government for a grubby and illegal outcome to let the players off with the staff, ie Hird to take the rap. The irony is, of course, as the AFL Tribunal found the was no WADA banned substances at the club and no player took a banned substance.

But by then there was an expectation based on the AFL leaks the players were guilty and ASADA under McDevitt went full bore for scalps. If the club had fought for justice rather than a quick fix all would have been ok.




Yes indeed.
But in fairness, the images of his family in tears on the pier were quality.


Perhaps. At least one person gave that a shot, and it didn’t work out very well.
Without at least some support from the other clubs, this was never going to end well for us, any way we dealt with it. Too much power and weight against us. Legal, media, licenses, finances, governmental.


Ben McDevitt is an excellent role model of how NOT to behave.

He is more bent than an over ripe Queensland banana.


yes if the AFL hadn’t let their media go all out about our supposed guilt they could have said at the end of the investigation (which they should have conducted first & given the findings to AsAda to start their investigation) “after a thorough investigation into the matter it was found that no illegal substances were ever taken by the players” End of Story!!!


IMO it is why he got the posting after Andruska left …because he was prepared to do & say anything even fabricate evidence to get a conviction …makes you wonder if any of those he put away as federal cop were innocent ???


Well, that begs the question.

If an inquiry does eventuate, will the club assist?


Unless things change, it won’t make a difference and it’s circular, because there will be no inquiry. For things to move in a positive direction, there needs to be a shift in weight. That could be achieved a few different ways - politically, league-wide support, media-based etc - or more possibly, combinations. At the end of the day if the league is politically beholden, and clubs which are owned by the league, are also controlled by the league - we’re ■■■■■■. In my opinion.


Further to this, someone or some organization needs to benefit from it somehow.
The motive won’t have anything to do with seeking justice.
Ousting either the government/AFL etc…will be for self/organisational gain.

Ironic really.


given that they probably signed their souls away & have to sacrifice their first born if they did “rat” on the afl & support an inquiry …I’d suggest we have little chance of the club wanting to be involved …hell they hung Hird & Thompson & Jobe out to dry & when the afl said" jump" I’m pretty sure they asked “how high?” The only way James could have been the scapegoat is if the club agreed to it. Not in so many words but by their silence in demanding a fair go & by not stating that Hird had no direct responsibility for the sports performance department as Bruce demonstrated so easily with the organisation chart.


I would like to say YES but I doubt that the EFC would have anything to do with an open enquiry.

Judging from Asada’s and the AFL’s behaviour during the saga and afterwards, even if the Government of the day came on board, WASADA (WASADA I meant that) would probably put the kibosh on our whole Olympic team and ban the lot of them.


EFC made their decision when the board backed Evans choice to go down the path with the AFL’s “helping hand”

  • It will be better if you self report

  • It will be better if you allow ASADA in with us as part of a joint investigation

  • if you do so we’ve got a deal with ASADA if you do so the players will get off

Evans ■■■■ the bed, acted to protect himself just as much as he was looking to protect the players, and trusted the untrustworthy in Vlad

There is no way EFC would support any enquiry.

Imagine if it came out there were in fact records that were removed by EFC officials, and then the whole financial mess unraveled as well.