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Just a simple one for your questions…who is Sarah


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Awesome work.really looking forward to that one. Make sure you hammer him for an actual answer to these Q’s. Not bullshit fluff.

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there is a whole list of them that ASADA had in the interim report & none of them were illegal


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until we can get answers to all of that & probably more this will never go away


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The decision did get a significant international opinion as soon as it was announced, albeit on Twitter from Renee Anne Shirley who has a strong background in anti-doping amongst other things (see bottom) and crossed swords on Twitter with Richard Ings quite extensively.

Shirley may also be known to you as the ‘whistleblower’ who revealed the laxity of the testing in Jamaica in the run-up to the London Olympic Games, so she knows a thing or two about revealing an uncomfortable truth to people who do not want to hear it.

Renée Anne Shirley is a Jamaican financial consultant with international investment management, commercial banking, trade finance and sport administration experience. For three decades she has worked extensively throughout the Caribbean region and the Americas on a number of interesting assignments for a wide range of clientele in the public and private sectors, as well as the international donor agencies. Currently she is involved in setting up a non-profit education foundation, starting in 2013, honouring the legacy of her father, the renowned Jamaican educator, Renford Archibald Shirley. She is also working with a group of partners to establish a sports academy serving young talented Jamaican athletes & she continues to be a committed anti-doping in sport advocate.

Prior to this she served for a short stint as the Executive Director of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (2012-2013) and as CEO of the Jamaica Rugby Football Union – the national governing body for the sport of rugby union in Jamaica (2009-2012). She also worked as Senior Advisor to Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller (2003-2007). In that capacity she was responsible for leading and coordinating the development (from inception) of Jamaica’s Anti-Doping in Sport Programme and for handling matters related to the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Affairs.

Miss Shirley has held appointments on several boards and on regional and local taskforces. She is the former Managing Director (and Chief Country Officer) for CIBC Jamaica Limited and former head of the Eagle Unit Trust. She is a Founding Director of the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children which was launched in June 2011 in St. Vincent – this is an outgrowth from her work as a member of the Regional Taskforce working with the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) to develop the way forward for its Caribbean Child Support Initiative (CCSI). FDCC has activities in four of the OECS countries at present. In Jamaica she currently serves on the public sector boards of the National Insurance Fund and the National Solid Waste Management Authority as well as all of its subsidiaries.

She had the distinct honour of being elected as one of four Vice-Chairpersons for the First Session of the Conference of Parties to the International Convention on Doping in Sport, held at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France, in February 2007. And she served the Jamaica Football Federation in several capacities under two successive administrations - as a member of its Appeal Board, Finance Committee and Youth Committee.


Any tweeters on here who might ask why the likes of Jack Anderson and Brendan Schwab are running hot with the Peruvian footballer case, but conveniently fail to mention the parallels with E34 closer to home?


DPP drops blackmail charges against Union officials because evidence rewritten. But no problem with evidence tampering in E34 case.


I personally want chip to answer all 5000000 rambling questions from bruce.


Crammers said ‘I know a few of the younger guys parents had rang up local radio stations and made comments.’

Any possibility ‘Sarah’ could be genuine?

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But only Sarah got on the air? And pretty much only Hal Hunter’s mother got a go on TV ( the 4 Corners show)?


Should mention that Chip gave Crameri’s mother some prominence in an article in the Australian of 2 April 2015.


How do I find the podcast, apologies if this has been answered in the past.


Any possibility that Sarah and Crameri’s mum could be one and the same person?


absolutely none !