Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Maybe Gill had a word to someone higher up the chain in the organisation. Favours for favours.


Ya know that the lead journo on Four Corners Chris Masters, is the brother of Rugby League ol’ mate Roy Masters (the one who wrote all those articles and used his influence to out the AFAIL deal with ASADA)


Ahhh, Four Corners - gets a mention in Andruska’s affidavit. McKenzie feeding story into 4 corners.
Page 40, 4/4/13 -


And what a surprise it turned out to be a complete smear job


I’m sorry, but there is another possibility, and it’s the one the CAS panel went with: the new testing method for TB4 is unproven, and can’t be given any weight.


It’s not another option though. It’s just the way they justified ignoring it. But it still means something, whether the testing is proven or unproven.
IIRC the unproven aspect was whether the test truly measured only the exogenous TB4 (ie not naturally produced) rather than both exogenous and endogenous (naturally produced) TB4.

In fact, even if the test is unreliable in measuring exogenous only, it still measures TB4 levels, whether exogenous or endogenous. And if the incidence of an elevated level of TB4 in Essendon players was less frequent than competition wide, then the conclusions are the same.
Whether the levels are solely exongenous TB4, or both exongenous and endogenous TB4, the Essendon players could not have lower levels than the rest of the competition unless either

  1. The rest of the competition was being doped more than the Essendon players were being doped
  2. The Essendon players were not being doped at all.


Seriously! Whoever did, wouldn’t have a position for very long. The tentacles of the old boys network is far reaching.

Like Fitzpatrick said to Corcoran about Hird which he then said he never said. And; others who have been outspoken about the AFL. One day, if we wait long enough I believe someone will spill some beans.


Just drove past Dean Robinson. Parked the car going back to see if I can find him. Cnt


Nope. Came out of Citibank branch on Pitt St. Must be counting all his bullshit sob story money.


correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t it only 2 Essendon Players that had elevated TB4 levels & then they were not above what would be considered normal ranges?? yet other teams players had levels up to 5 times greater than our 2 players???


did dean robinson pass a background check @ that big 4 he went to?


So… you stopped the car, and angrily went to see if you could find the loaded-up ex rodeo clown ex-strength and conditioning underworld connected psycho formally known as The Weapon?

Good choice!


As I recall, we were 2/27 and the rest were 12/54 over the nominated amount.

One of our two was the highest reading: Dell’Olio, tested an hour or so after shredding his hamstring(?) at Port.



yeah not fkg weird at all


I was in an uber.but yes. That’s correct.stop the car driver!
Edit: also not as big as I imagined for a bloke called weapon.


Money’s on SWMNBN for best feature article. Gonna be a good month


Re Fitzpatrick’s opinion of Essendon doping based on the opinion of a rival player, what information came to him about potential doping at GCS?
An Italian Court recently convicted two Italian athletic officials for being knowledgeable about a racewalker’s doping but remaining silent.


You mean the info from a staff member previously employed by the AFL that he gave that player PED?


That’s correct but never let facts get in the way of a crooked and bent editorial. Thanks Liz.