Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Absolutely spot on Jodi. We were lead to believe by the likes of ASADA, the AFL, the media, WADA that taking regular blood samples was something sinister and unsportsman like. In elite professional sport blood profiling of athletes is an essential element in their training and recovery program and I would contend this is the reason why Dank ordered the blood tests.

Professor Julian Savelescu, Professor of Bioethics at Oxford, has stated on many occasions (late last year at a symposium at Melbourne University) that blood profiling was essential in identifying low levels of certain markers in the blood. As Willcourt said, for example, low levels of testosterone and HGH were indicative of over training and a body under stress.

Prof Julian Savelescu stated that athletes with lower than normal level of hormones and other markets should be allowed to be administered these drugs to return them to a normal level. He opined that such a strategy was not contrary to the WADA code in terms of performance enhancement (if, in fact the drugs were proven to be performance enhancing).

There is evidence that fatigued and stressed athletes can be susceptible to respiratory infections as their immune system becomes compromised. Treatment with an immune booster is a means of protecting the athlete (hence the use of thymomodulin).

Despite all the reasons many want to sink Dank he was on the right track with this.

And ASADA (McDevitt) have not been forthcoming in explaining why thymomodulin was dismissed as being the “thymosin” used at Essendon and despite it being used at Melbourne.


So now we are pretty much out of the hunt for this year’s finals, with today’s loss stage-managed by the maggots, no doubt directed to do so by the AFL.

That is seven seasons in a row now that we have been stitched up by the AFL executive.

When are they going to drop this vendetta?


When they all end up in jail.


The Q&A on the Froome case ( on the UCI website) together with Froome’s comments on “possible ” unpublished WADA studies , have exposed WADA’s shoddy science and practices of cover- up.
Those views are cemented by the comments of adjunct Professor Fitch ( of a WA University) on the latest Ticket program . He was involved in setting up the salbutamol tests , which were based on data from swimmers. He was engaged as a WADA scientist but claimed to have been sacked for trying to get the tests adjusted for other sports .
Fitch was scathing of WADA science and inferred that some scientists had conflicts of interest, as well as lacking knowledge of the specifics of sport.
As to salbutamol, he referred to the incidence of exercise - induced asthma in sports such as swimming, cycling and skiing, suggesting that WADA rules and tests should be tailored to individual sports.
On that basis, if training in a sport leads to exercise- induced low hormone levels, something comparable to the WADA tolerance levels for salbutamol should also apply to correct the hormonal imbalance.
Fitch - who would know where all the WADA bodies are buried, was probably Froome’s star witness, but said he had signed a confidentiality agreement .
He expressed concern at what he considered to be 25 miscarriages of justice by WADA and in particular Petacchi ( which WADA appealed to CAS).
Could be interesting to have his views on the Essendon case .


Kudos to the Australian Human Rights Commission, in conjunction with the ASC and the Australian sporting bodies, for the work program on developing guidelines on gender aspects in sport. The issues paper suggests that there is disagreement with the IAAF and IOC testosterone- driven rules.
Any chance of a review of WADA rules on doping?


If only.


So never, then?


we can but dream !!! and dreams do come true sometimes …


Amazing lot of statements from Jeff Gleeson QC, Senior Counsel for the AFL, during Day 5 of the CAS Tribunal: “they weren’t significantly negligent when you put it into the context of where they were. Who would have done more? I don’t know that I would have, with the benefit of a tertiary education, done more.”


How is it not at 10,000 yet? The transcripts are a fkn joke.


What an absolute joke their names have been splattered everywhere in the media. Many footy and non footy people know who the players are, who were involved in the saga. The horse has already bolted……………………………………………………


Bruce Francis goes to AAT to seek release under FOI of limited data of Essendon tests.
Meanwhile, USADA maintains a site of individual athletes testing history, regularly updated. So do organisations like ITF and FINA.
All on the public record, no need to go through FOI processses.
What say you ASADA?


WADA has now published on its site a lengthy explanation of the Froome case and salbutamol tests. It will not release unpublished studies not funded by WADA and does not presently intend to alter the threshold tests ot other salbutamol rules.
Waiting for transparency on WADA rules and science for other substances, including TB4, which it has declined to do in the past.


Good question, BomberMik. Only about 15% of our members have signed the petition. That means that 85% of our members was not signed the petition because of, collectively or individually, then following reasons I contend (happy to take other suggestions).

The players were guilty.
The petition is a waste of time
We didn’t know there was a petition.
We accept the decisions and have moved on.
A combination of apathy and ambivalence.

The march to the G in April 2016 had an estimated 10,000 in attendance when our membership was 65K and it was labelled a success???


Add general apathy. Rarely do people put themselves out, even for the most righteous of causes. Sad but true.


How many of our members are kids? How many are three game members that are football supporters on ANZAC Day alone?

I think the number that have signed is pretty impressive.


Carlton ruckman Matthew Kreuzer will undergo tests after suffering an elevated heart rate during the Blues’ AFL loss to St Kilda.

Carlton will monitor ruckman Matthew Kreuzer following their loss to St Kilda after he became the latest AFL player to suffer a heart irregularity.

Kreuzer left the ground during the first quarter of Friday night’s game at Etihad Stadium and played no further part as the Saints cruised to a 16.20 (116) to 7.10 (52) victory.

It was initially thought Kreuzer had hurt himself in a tackle but the Blues later revealed he had suffered shortness of breath and an elevated heart rate.

It comes a week after young defender Caleb Marchbank was taken from the ground during Carlton’s loss to Brisbane and sent to hospital after also suffering an elevated heart rate.

Marchbank was cleared by a cardiologist and lined up for the Blues against the Saints.

Kreuzer did not require hospitalisation but will also undergo tests during the week.

“He had shortness of breath and quite randomly, you wouldn’t believe it, an elevated heart rate,” coach Brendon Bolton said.

"He’s okay now. It settled down pretty quickly but we weren’t going to take any risks with that.

"We’ll go through all the testing processes with a cardiologist like we did with Marchbank who was fine this week.

“It’s quite a random thing, I haven’t seen it and particularly haven’t seen it two weeks in a row.”

Kreuzer’s absence forced Carlton to improvise with Charlie Curnow, Liam Jones and Harry McKay sharing ruck duties.

St Kilda defender Dylan Roberton continues to undergo tests for a heart condition after collapsing midway through the Saints’ game against Geelong in round four.

Roberton has not played any football since the collapse and will miss the rest of the season, but he recently returned to the training track.

Collingwood rookie Kayle Kirby has also been ruled out for the season after he suffered an irregular heartbeat and tests revealed an underlying heart issue.


So that’s four Heart things in just over one half of a Season?

IDR anything like that ever happening before, … maybe heard of one every other season on average, … ??


Robertson and Kirby appear to be legit as tests have revealed underlying issues. Marchbank, not so much. It will be interesting to see what the Kruezer outcome is.


Kruezer has had chronic knee issues

Wonder if taking PPA that supposed ‘wonder drug’ that Blues / Pies / Nic Nat etc having

It is a blood thinner after all