Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Thanks for that. It’s good to see that it’s not just us supporters that think the entire process needs a shake up.


Kim Brennan is also our No 1 ticket holder.


It is my pleasure, Scorpio. His address will remain indelibly stamped on my aging brain forever. If I ever have second thoughts about the merits of fighting for our 34 then I just have to remember this address.


It’s so great to see the implosion at the Age!! Waiting for the Wilson article “It’s all James Hirds fault”!


Personally attacking Hird for 4 years and writing derogatory articles about Essendon didn’t lift circulation did it.

That paper deserves to fold.


Thank you so much for your report Bomber5au!!
Very much appreciated by all!


Thanks bomber5au. I feel extremely grateful that we have advocates of your intelligence, compassion and integrity on the case.





I’m shocked to be sitting here


Not sure that folding is likely as deserved as that may be. The weekday print edition may vanish in the short/medium term but they’ll have an online presence for the foreseeable future. Unclear whether the proposed redundancies will extend into the sport department. Even if it does not sure we’ll be able to celebrate SWMNBN’s scalp.



“ASADA has said it would be happy to appear before any inquiry, reiterating that its handling of the 2013 joint investigation with the AFL had been endorsed through two Federal Court cases”

Oh?.. OK then… [Note: Article is from FEBRUARY 24 2016]


I didn’t think we had the death penalty in Australia…


Sorry Stabby, nearly clicked on it to read, then saw which outlet it’s on, can’t do it.

Maybe post the article, thanks.


No need to apologise, I fully understand.

I clarified my above post to stop people clicking on it if they don’t wish to.


I can confirm that Bomber is struggling and has been for some time. The injustice of it all and the fact that “elites” have 1st of all inflicted this injustice, and then escaped all accountability is doing his head in. Having said that he is trying to move on.


Mr McDevitt commenced at ASADA on 10 May 2014, and his term will end on 9 May 2017.




I hope the door hits him on the way out.