Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Hints that there is more to come


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Could it be that the eight Commisioners were kept in the dark by Gil?


Perhaps Gil was following the Fitzpatrick/Demetriou lead - they combined to keep the other commissioners in the dark and now that Goyder is there perhaps things will strat coming out from under the rugs that have been swept there for some time.

Goyder may well be Gill’s worst nightmare.

Right now, Gill is wishing Fitrzpatrick was still there.


Perhaps swanning off to Europe was not a great career move. A lot can happen in a week.


Hopefully the week culminates in his sacking and his deceitful, duplicitous treatment of the 34 and Hird is exposed for all to see.


The AFL will take it one scandal at a time.


I’m hoping for a Boogey board in Bali scenario.


GOVERNANCE they cried.

Well look at the ■■■■■■ governance of the AFL. Gill should be sacked if you consider how they blamed Hird. He should have known.


Since when is f rigging a swear word? If I had known it would be filtered I would have have said ■■■■.


H’m, perhaps if wasn’t the fact that two male AFL executives were having secretive or not so secretive liaison’s with fellow female employees. Maybe, it was more about what was happening but where it was happening? Otherwise, it’s not such a big deal, really people have been having affairs ever thus…


Yep, I don’t care if it was two consenting adults. But consent in the context of a workplace hierarchy is tricky. Is it truly consent if you believe acquiescence to a sexual relationship is the only/best way for promotion? Anyway, the behavior and allegations/rumors are no surprise to me. The AFL as an organization can go to hell.


I’d prefer he never gets released.


Sexual favours for promotions has also being going on for a long time and is nothing new either.

I suppose the one thing we can say with great delight is that the AFL is a big fckng crack up atm.


Sadly it isn’t anything new. But those twats at the AFL are trying to be the moral Police and impose their moral codes on the wider society. Should have stuck to the game.

FOR now I shall indulge in schendfrude at the expense of the AFL.


Here is a hint:

I suspect there is more to this story.


My word.
So forced resignations - with payouts???


To be fair, that can work two ways.


We’ve all got to get a job there and work out a way to get the big a and get a pay out. It called doing a Deano.


My guess is that there must have been intense negotiations with lots of sweeteners to persuade them to go and to secure their statements for what would be unlikely to be sackable behaviour. Lethlean was reportedly on $900k a year.
Whatever comes of this, Gil now realises there are limits to the extent he can look after his mates. Reportedly, there was almost a palace revolt at the Swans before Worner ( with whom he owns racehorses) " volunteered " to stand down from the Board.
The puzzling issue is why the AFL made such a big public drama of it.