Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Still sitting tight… think my sphincter has cramped up.


Also nervous.

Hoping for the best but the AFL lawyers mounted a strong case citing numerous high court judgements on the issue.


So was it adjourned again?


Today the judge was scheduled to deliver the decision whether security was required, not the the verdict as such.




No news feels like bad news…


I guess even if the AFL are successful in their application for a security bond it doesn’t necessarily mean that the case won’t go ahead. From memory, Jackson expressed something about this time being different as there were people in the background who were committed to seeing the process through. Presumably that meant financial backers and maybe that backing would include stumping up the security? Jackson must have assumed that a bond would be sought, so confidence about it being seen through to the end would have to allowed for that.

It would still be fantastic if the AFL’s application was dismissed of course, partly because of the money it would save Jackson’s team, but also because it would indicate that the magistrate considers that there is sufficient public interest in the case to warrant it being heard even if the plaintiff couldn’t afford the bond.


you are all setting yourselves up for disappointment.




That’s the spirit!


Please explain…I need more information.


I had thought this decision might get a little more attention- media, Court reports, Austlii, Jackson’s old website- nothing. Surely some Blitzer, J34 or otherwise, can help?


Nah. AFL just throwing staff under the bus. A court case? Oh, look over there! Bad executives having affairs with young women.


the other one has no convictions against his name either just the victim of a media hate campaign & afl bullying


No which is why they picked us to begin with


you are joking right the afl don’t want this to get one little toe out of the water


so do you know what happened did he make a decision?


For funding Helen, from both the Victorian and Federal Governments. No other reason. Sorry let me correct that,
inter-connections which help enormously in-house with various unspecified investments, allegedly.


All crooks need a clean skin. The clean skin is often quite naïve and innocent in terms of bentness and so, when they fall it is usually from a great height because no one expected it to happen to them.

This cloak of deception gives the faceless others, time to clean up the mess and hide the bits which aren’t needed while many are in shock and disbelief. It is a well used plan which seems to have worked very well in the footy world.


I’ll ask the J34 team what can be provided on social media. Stand by.