Sorry Saga - Why do we fight?

Nothing precious about it at all.
Just ■■■■ reporting.
It’s actively singling out a club that.
Did nothing wrong at the time, beside maybe poor governance.
Which in looking at the broader competition as a whole, seems to be the standard for the majority of clubs.
West coast: Drugs Culture
Collingwood: Recreational drug use & Do better report
Hawthorne racial abuse of players (rug sweeping report)
Melbourne: Tanking scandle
Carlton; Salary cap breaches
Adelaide: players camp
To name a few, every club has or had governance problems
And it is also preventing said club from trying move on.
Thats all no biggey

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It’s literally just the most recent photo of Sam Fisher in the AAP database where he was playing footy and was the main focus of the photo.

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I understand that, but hey they had 16 other teams to choose from, over his 12 year career and that is the photo they choose.
Come on it was deliberate but, who cares.
I just find it quite, unironically bad.

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Brewer’s Droop to Smart Arse. Love it😄


Same as when they show Buddy highlights. Its always the same goal against the bombers who can’t catch him :smile:

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Can you believe the change in tone…from today’s article regarding the most influential person at each club this century.


Kevin Sheedy coached Essendon until 2007 (his 2000 premiership doesn’t technically count in this century), returned as a board member and helped create the Dreamtime at the ‘G concept, which grows by the year. Yet it is hard to go past James Hird for his impact across this century as a football champion – seven of his seasons in this century, two of his best and fairests, two All Australians. He was a teen heart-throb, footy megastar, media identity and then a brilliant young coach who was unwittingly dragged into the ASADA scandal by other parties. What could have been for Hird if those influences had not arrived at the club? He was keen to coach Essendon as recently as 18 months ago, but now seems lost to coaching forever.


The next step is to sheet the blame onto those running the AFL at the time: FitzPatrick; Demetriou, and McLachlan


ASADA sour grapes over Bol, passing on information on Bol’s phone records.
It was evidence at a CAS case by another athlete, which would otherwise have escaped Australian media attention,


Wow 180 degree turnaround. Where was that article from @dons1972 ?

Today’s HS - A Jon Ralph special!!



Oh my…


“Enemies become friends”…

I’m not forgetting.

Fark them all.


And the release from WADA during this hearing that Bol’s case was not a false positive but a case of a soiled sample because they took to long from the collection of the sample to conduct the doping test. This reflects poorly on the operations of SIA.