one thing I have always wanted to do is go in a zero gravity chamber and just float there. 


Yep! If someone wants to sponsor me, I'm happy to try it out for them.


If you're waiting for your wife to get ready before you go out. Try this, you should have enough time...



Has anyone ever considered how dismissive our label for everything outside out tiny little atmosphere?

Oh, the near infinity in which our entire existance is but an insignificant speck?


Yeah, that's space.

We've been to space!

Well according to Bill Bryson it's because it's mainly just space out there...


Anyway I signed up to email alerts from NASA that tell me when I can look up and see the International Space Station (ISS).


So last night i went out at 9:16pm and looked to the west at a max angle/height or 46 degrees and there it was hurtling through space, visible for about 4 mins and disappearing to the north east.


Seriously BLEW MY MIND. Like, there's people on that thing, it's SPACE SHIP, and it's visible a few times a week for a few mins at a time, yet most people never see it because they do'nt know when to look up. Sure, it only looked like a fast moving star (apparently if you get binoculars you can see the solar panels on it), but I can't wait until my boy is old enough to understand what he's looking at.


Yes, it's FREE, and you can sign up to the service here:


You can't call yourself a real space nerd until you've signed up...


Here's the message I just got from NASA:


Time: Fri Jan 17 11:13 PM, Visible: 1 min, Max Height: 41 degrees, Appears: SW, Disappears: SSW

I would assume the firther you are away from Melbourne the less accurate this will be...


NASA crashed a Rocket today and Hubble broke.

For all everyone’s ■■■■■■■ and moaning SpaceX seems to be the only ones actually pushing past the bare minimum


NASA did? Link?






Personal Space is very important.


NASA, going back to the moon


Someone take a GoPro


And a selfie stick ffs


The ratio of bullsh1t to fact in that clip is quite outstanding.


Pity, the technology in landing the rockets is exceptional.


Wow you visit some absolute screaming pile of ■■■■ websites.


Love a website with an about us section who claim to be able to sift through the “so called science” and can’t even work out basic HTML

Captain Velcro back at it again…


Why doesn’t the ignore button work?


I used to have a mate that just rambled on about space and why we where here and all sorts of nonsense. unfortunately it was when we where high.

went to some bad places.


Nice thread. I would love to see them take a 3D VR camera to the moon, Mars. Land it on a rover só we can all “be there”


You need to loosen the Velcro sorted, number one read the articles you post, the plonk who wrote it opens by banging on about government hand outs to SpaceX which is wrong, SpaceX don’t get government grants, the US government have a supply contract with SpaceX to transport goods to the ISS, he presents nothing in the way of evidence to suggest that they are going to stop that contract.

He basically is saying “I don’t think Tesla should get the funding they do (FYI they get the same funding in the US as GM, Ford and Fiat Daimler do) so for some reason he extrapolates that into meaning it’s the end of SpaceX

Respect though, you seem to be doubling down on the moron and letting it out in other threads… brave