I love that sort of stuff. The geothermal application was most interesting - just because we have this huge furnace just waiting there for us to reach it to tap into it.


But then the catch phrase is “this is rocket science” I’m confused.



hes talking about a cannon right?




Yes, it is effectively a high tech cannon that can shoot projectiles at Mach 5. He showed me a video that was better than the Youtube I linked to (and I guess they will eventually post on their site or to Youtube). It showed their satellite launch. Basically, they eliminated all of the heavy parts of the rocket, including the fuel tanks, and just launched the payload. At Mach 5 straight out of the “cannon”.


@Heffsgirl would be very interested.


could myers protect the kids from it?


as long as it’s not a head high boot he should be fine


Hope it’s the right thread but this really has me captivated, it looks so surreal landing booster rockets like they did. Can only imagine what it was like for people seeing the moon landing for the first time, this is the start of something