Spare barcodes for our first final

Hi All

Me and two mates would like to go to the ess syd game.

Two of us are afl members but one is not.

Firstly, I assume that entitles us to buy tickets tomorrow.

Secondly, does anyone have a spare barcode I could use to buy a ticket for my mate.

Thanks in advance all.

Also any recommendations on which seats to purchase would be much appreciated.

My concern would be if somehow we beat Sydney, your mate would use that barcode for the next final in Melbourne and the next etc, making the owner of said barcode unable to buy a ticket for themselves.

You may get lucky with a member that knows they can’t make it to any of the finals.

You can purchase 4 tickets with one barcode.


I live overseas and would be happy to give my barcode to the first person who PMs me for it.
I don’t think the OP needs it, as Darli points out.


Yes but I mean if someone’s going to be a flog, they’re going to be a flog.


Given I don’t need one it’s a moot point however I’m not quite sure what you’re after, some sort of legal undertaking?

You can use your EFC membership and give the seat to some-one else, but AFL Membership is not transferable, and while it is unlikely it would be checked, it does happen and they may cancel your Membership.

Just in case: please don’t post any barcodes on this publicly-available page.


Teebee was just pointing out that it’s a risk. That’s all. I wouldn’t be doing it for anyone I didn’t know unless I was unable to make it to any further matches.

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Chill dude. I’m not after anything, I wasn’t offering my membership personally. I was just trying to give you some helpful advice on why someone would be hesitant to give up their barcode. I genuinely hope you get your hands on tickets for you and your mates. Need all the support we can up there.

a wristy should settle it.


good PSA seen it happen lots on here.