Spec/changes Sunday arvo (3.20pm) game against Crows @ Marvel

The Weid is the new Kevin Walsh.

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Concerned about Adelaide’s forward prowess. Our pressure needs to be on. Think their game style suits Marvel beautiful (haven’t played their this year).

The VFL match might get ugly today. Hope Voss, D’Amborssio, Tsatas and Bryan have good games so they are a chance for selection next week.

Shiel offered stuff all as sub IMO. But will come in this week regardless

OUT: Weideman, Kelly, Snelling
IN: Voss, Hind, Shiel
Sub: Davey/Wanganeen

Weideman stays in, has footy smarts and second efforts.’
Id agree hes looked out of sorts because hes been constantly trying to play tall and take contested pack marks.

Weideman is a lead up forward, we need to use him as one.

Needs to draw his man away from the contest for Wright or get himself into space.


Hind has to come in. I know he is prone to clangers but we need his pace.


Waste of time listing changes

No one will be dropped, apart from a kid like menzie perhaps





Parody surely


Kevin Walsh made All Australian, Weed is nowhere near that level. He is a complete DUD.


Can you show me these “second efforts”.


After we see the “first efforts”


Kevin Walsh was a good player. Knew what you were getting every week and left nothing out there.

Far cry from Weed.

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Qualifier; these are the changes l would like to see, they are not the changes l think will be made.
Out: Weed, Kelly.
In: Voss, Hind.
Tsatas is probably not far off either.
Bryan may be needed, he is a better ruck option than Weed will ever be, but then someone has to come out for him.

This is a bit tin foil hat, but I wonder if there’s an added element of us getting Weideman to club by telling him he would play every week.

I remember Weid made comments when he joined saying he was keen to come to us to get consistent game time

That should have been a red flag if true. You earn a spot. You don’t get one guaranteed. Or that’s how it should work.


I was deadset against us getting him last year. He didn’t offer anything that we needed.

It’s another case of Dodoro just filling holes with blokes who aren’t up to it.

It’s either Weid or Bryan. No way Voss comes in without Bryan.
For me, it’s Weid and Shiel for Bryan and Hind. Snelling or Guelfi are to be the sub.

I’m not sure how Voss gets a look in unless we shift Stringer into the middle or Langford back.

I think we’ll beat the Crowd comfortably.
They try to move the ball on too much, and they just don’t have the quality disposal for it.
The way we play is made to cut that up.

But as for changes, I’d be ‘playing the kids!’

Why not though?
It’s not like Weid does a heap in the ruck. Playing against virtually no one for Port, and still only managed 4 hit outs from 13 contests.

Voss is only 3cm shorter, and a lot better at actually using his body. I’d back him over Weid in the ruck, or we just give Wright some ruck time given he’s struggling a bit forward atm.


It’s clear Voss isn’t battling Weid for a spot in the team.
I actually felt we needed another tall to go into the game, but I think that’s the smallest he wants to go into games. Whilst Voss is only a few cm shorter, they play very different roles. Voss at AFL level will be more of a lead up forward.

I’m also certain, we won’t drop Kelly. Adelaide play 4 small forwards. He’ll have the match up for him.
We are prioritising defensive first footy in the backline, so he stays in. The only way Hind comes in is for Hep (unlikely) or a midfielder.

In all honesty, I don’t think we’ll make any changes next week.