Speculation on changes for the match against the Fremantles

In the VFL side that lost by 25 goals?


In: 22 of us here on BB who are hurting right now
Out: players that don’t give a stuff

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Did the supplement team a few years back loose to a team by this much?

With some* semblance of seriousness

In: Parish, Francis, Hartley, Laverde, Saad?, Gown, Zerk, Ham

Out: Myers, Baguley, Langford, Zaharakis, McNiece, Clarke, Heppell, Hooker

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The same Freo that rinsed the Cats like a week or two ago!?

Absolutely capable of dishing us a 3 figure pummelling.

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I watched quite a bit of the VFL. Maybe Dea, perhaps Ham or Mynott …not a lot of players knocking the door down.


Cannon: mcneice, Langford, Myers,Zac Clarke
Incinerator: worsfold

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Out: McNiece, Baguley, Begley, Hooker, Fantasia & Zaharakis
In: Saad, Parish, Francis, Ham, Hartley & Laverde

Hopefully Saad & co are right. Raz needs to be booked into surgery and Zaharakis needs to be dropped.

I wanted Hooker rested for the GC game as he clearly needed a spell and Hartley was in good form. Yes, he kicked a match-winning goal but we may have been far enough ahead at that time if we had a fit defender in his place who wasn’t getting so badly beaten at the other end.


For the obvious, If Heppell and Raz can’t chase and get around the field, it is unfair to include them in the squad. They are great players, but unfit for the time being. We are asking too much of them currently. gallant only gets you so far.


Woosha made mention of Fantasia carrying an injury again during his presser which will require surgery at the end of the season (if he can last).

Stop playing him FFS.


Hooker too for that matter. Pick at least a fit squad that can chase down a player.


In: Saad, Parish, Francis, Laverde
Out: mcNeice, Myers, Begley, Fantasia

possible also zaka and Heppell.

player from VFL to come in - Ham …

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I’d be going:

Fantasia out Laverde in
Heppell out Parish in
Myers out Francis in (back to a taller backline)
Baguley out Snelling or Mynott in
McNeice out Dea in

If Zaka doesn’t regain some fitness then bring Ham in
If Hooker can’t get up, then Hartley bring in

I know it’s a lot of changes, but it seems pointless playing injured and semi-retired guys


I’m done with Langford


Out: Woosha bachelor
In: Woosha Family Man

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This team will get the job done -

McKenna, Hooker, Ambrose
Saad Hurley Redman

Stringer, Daniher, Fanta
Tippa McKernan, Smith

Belly Heppell, Merrett, Shiel, Parish, McGrath, Francis, DClarke, Zaka, Gleeson


If we lose by that much again he has to be gone. No coach could survive that.

The funny thing is, if we turfed him now I’m positive we would make finals and maybe even win one


If we are not careful we are going to be Fremantle’s ■■■■■■■ too

OUT: White hair
IN: Black hair