I had a cubby house as a kid once, before a family of Huntsmen took up residence


Got out of the shower one morning, grabbed a towel and wondered why I could feel a rough patch. It was big, it was hairy and it was a very ugly huntsman in there. Needed a second shower that day.


Had a huntsmen in our house and let her be. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I turn on the bathroom light and sense lots of movement above.

230!!! (Yes I counted them) 230 baby huntsmen crawling across the ceiling.

Now, normally I collect and remove these, but I couldn’t catch Em all, and my wife and kids would’ve moved out once they got bigger, so I had to eradicate them unfortunately.


It’s either eradicate them or move houses, I’m not sure you made the right choice


Well, we moved about a week later…


Ha, I had this too and was really confused till I put my contact lenses in. The wall pulsed in response to my movements.


I have a simple rule. If they come under the eaves of my house they have violated the peace treaty between us and must be put to death. Because I’m terrified of them I have to get my wife to carry out their punishment and she often commutes their sentence to deportation.

And because I am a man of contradictions I will happily let a Daddy Longlegs live in my house indefinitely. They don’t bother me at all.


I’m terrified of spiders but I’ve been getting better over the last few years. Whitetails are an insta death though. I don’t care. Daddy long legs get to stay.

Huntsmen get to stay now too. I killed one a couple of years back and felt so terrible about it because they’re trying to keep my house free from other pests and I killed it.

And I’m terrified of mice. Even dead ones. I don’t know where that far came from seeing as I used to have a pet one.


I think we can all agree, white tails are going to get the Dunlop Volley, red backs maybe, but huntsmen are the tipping point for everyone.

This should be a huntsmen thread.


The only reason that I don’t kill spiders even though I hate them, is because I hate fly’s and Mozzies more!


A kid down my street had his taken over by redbacks.


The only spiders I like are the ones from mars.


When i moved into my rural property ,there was an old mobile dunny next to the woodheap.
It contained alot of spiders of varying breeds, Orbs,huntsmans,black widows,redbacks ,etc. so i have left it there and never open it. There is a glass window up high in it that you can see them in there . Its referred to as the incubator and my theory is if i leave them in there ,they wont wonder over to my house. Been that way for 15 years. I leave most webs up in the house to catch the insects and flies. I still get spiders inside,but they aren`t an ongoing nuisance.


Only way to dispatch those ones is with a Bowie knife.


You’re screwed. At some point soon, some monstrous 6 foot wide, mongrel breed arachnid ■■■■■■■ is gonna kick the dunny door off its hinges, shove a mortein can up your backside and start devouring every human in a 50k radius.

Happy holidays.


I’m petrified of them. Missus found a white tail in the couch and then called me???


Thats a bit of a long Bowie to draw?


I once saw a huntsman dragging a wasp away. Until I realised it was the wasp dragging the huntsman away. Spider was probably 5 x the size of the wasp. Took the spider to it’s hole pulled it down (wasnt a great fit).

Pretty creepy looking thing to see. Went and googled
It, apparently the wasp paralyses the spider lays eggs in its abdomen which go on to hatch and feed on the living spiders insides. Keeping it alive keeps it nice and warm for the babies.

Nature in all its beauty…


Had a white tail fall onto my knee from under the desk in primary school. I fully employ a scorched earth policy will all insects and arachnids.


The terminator tarantula ?