And other things that scare the $hit out of you

the double whammy for me - spiders and mice

Although I’m much better with spiders these days. But as a “kid” I’d do the crazy slapping myself dance while running away hysterical (might have been a scream in there too).
Always had that feeling that’d leap off the wall/door/ceiling on to you.

I hate the fkers but can’t bring myself to kill them due to some Buddhist rubbish.

I caught one in a big catcher once then felt sorry for it and let it go.

Then hated it again.


I once had a huntsman crawl across my pillow once, thank goodness I had just gotten up.

My father caught it and put it outside.

That is a mighty impressive feat by Hermie.

I’ve never had much of an issue with spiders, and the bigger they were the less worried I was.
Huntsman’s and daddy long legs I’m happy to handle with my bare hands to take them outside if need be (though normally I just leave them alone unless they’re somewhere really inconvenient like the one I found on top of my alarm clock lol).

Also, this spider is pretty cool


A huntsmen headbutted me the other day. Then went back to fighting the dog. Was weird.

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I remember as a kid being scared for a minute, . until I found out Funnel Webs didn’t live in Victoria, and you’d only really meet a Redback if you went looking for one, and that you rarely died from them anyway, and then that there hadn’t been an Adult death from one at all since the anti venom came along . (Still no confirmed deaths from spider bite in Oz since 1979 )
Lived with Huntsmans hanging about forever, there’s been one on my Bedroom ceiling / upper wall for the past week, and that’s been the case so often, I couldn’t even say.

Daddies get moved outside quickly though, because of their webs, , … and a whitetail will immediately initiate the Bug spray protocol.

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Mice are way more terrifying than spiders

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wut? blink

Annoying, tricky, frustrating, P’s ITA, yeah,… but "Terrifying??

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As a roughly 10 or 11 year old I used a length of hose to siphon a fish tank. A spider had taken residence inside said hose.

When you have had a huntsman spider inside your mouth, your tolerance levels decrease significantly.


But, … did you swallow??

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I spat with the force of a thousand adult actresses.


Spiders are cool. I won’t hear a word against them

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I was cutting down a stringybark in the Grampians years ago and when the chainsaw got through the outer bark layer, an explosion of hunstmen occured. There was dozens of them crawling up my arms, over my face and chest. Kept cutting but had fun getting them out of my helmet and clothes when I finished.

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Growing up in a rural area just outside Melbourne, wolf spiders were arguably the most abundant. They are like a sports car version of a spider. Maybe they were just zipping around so much, that there seemed to be more of them.

Now, living in the city, I almost never see spiders…or any insects for that matter. Which is a bit sad.

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Nope. Nope. Nope.

Probably good protein though.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out the pocket on my drivers side car door and as I swept my fingers along I felt something soft between my fingers and nonchalantly picked it up to see what it was. There staring back at me was a white tail spider. Fortunately I had him clamped between my knuckles and he couldn’t latch onto me. After dropping him and screaming like a 12 yo girl, I managed to go back inside, changed my now brown pants and thoroughly fumigated the interior of the car. Discovered him the next day where I’d first found him. Thankfully expired.