Spike McVeigh

Good luck to Spike. Hope it goes well for him.

A loyal Bomber who always will be welcomed back.

We know where his heart lies.

Good on him. Always said he wanted to move back to NSW and was loyal enough to wait until after his playing career. We commend you, Spikey!

Finish your hangar segment and come back an coach us in a few years when you have the experience and Hirdy has done his stint after winning a couple more premierships?

Too harsh
Too soft
Hmmmmm never been told that before.

He should employ Reimers as his personal runner to deliver his messages 

Amazing numbers of great former EFC players in coaching ranks.   Good luck Spike.  No nonsense sort of guy.  Good solid part of Essendon football family

Best of luck spike

Flied the flag for us in the media unlike a certain ex Essendon captain. Good luck Spike.

He should employ Reimers as his personal runner to deliver his messages 

hell just tell the team to "Kick it to Kyle"

great stuff. Hope he ends up back in the coaching group with us sometime

Frothies mcveigh

So disappointed.

Made me watch the video.

Damn targeted ads!

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This guy. He’s the right man for the job.

He’s a very good coach, done an excellent apprenticeship including time in the big chair.

He bleed red and black for us as a player.

He will be able to unify the factions and is tough enough to call out bullshit and get respect from everyone.

He will run around telling people who aren’t up for the fight to finish their reps.

Plus he’s young enough to grow with our group.


I’m a yes but if he has only done 8 years under Cameron there needs to be question marks raised.

These 2 points should be used in the “against argument” not for. GWS have been just as bad under him as they were Cameron. They have shown nothing during his stint as head coach

enough with the ex essendon players

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Lets move on from old boys FFS

Hey? They are playing heaps better under him than they did under Cameron in the first half of the year.

They were playing so bad he had to call them out publicly only a few weeks ago

He isn’t the man for us

Except Essendon supporters have very limited patience for outsiders.

Trust me if Rutten was …. Dean Solomon say, we wouldn’t be here right now, even with an identical record, everyone would be saying give him one more year.

The only way an outside coach would work for is if we have a totally fresh board, we make all the coateries disband and that they find success quite quickly.

If they’re an outsider they have to be another Sheedy.

Look over our history, we’ve only ever accepted an outsider If they have been great quickly.

John Worsfold was a universally respected premiership winning coach and Essendon fans got sick of him within two years because we weren’t winning finals.

Even us supporters need to have a good look at ourselves and the way we treat people coming in from the outside we don’t even accept the traded in players half the time.

It’s easy to say no more old boys but what if an old boy is actually the best person for the job?

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Yep, and then they started playing well. So he was able to so something in a microcosm of a half season which no Essendon coach he’s been able to do post saga.

When we have had people at the club call out players publicly, they then had to issue an apology.

We need someone who will call out poor performance publicly.

No one would question it either from Spike, because everyone knows he had the actions to back it up.

true, but he let it get to the point where he had to call them out publicly.

If we want someone to come in a be brutal and tell it like it is, we need someone like Ross Lyon

Our club/list need a hard taskmaster who will smash down ego’s before they get out of control

Everyone thought Rutten was a young coach who could grow with the group, but all they did was walk all over him

The last thing the club needs is another young coach