St Kilda vs Essendon Practice Match 4:10pm Friday 3rd March 2023

pfft…70’s memories of games at Moorabbin.
I remember May 1965, the year St. Kilda moved to Moorabbin from the Junction. We walloped them eventhough they were one of the top sides. Jim Read elbowed Barry Davis early and he was carried off on stretcher around the boundary in front of me. It was 12 days before my 12th birthday and I got an early birthday present of a stool to stand on so I could see. I remember Johnny Birt kicking 5 - well, in fact, I just looked it up and he only kicked one. It must have been memorable one, cause it seemed like 5 in my memory. In fact, I remember it (they) as a drop kick on the run from a long way out. I lived walking distance from the ground, and used to play cricket in the nets next to the carpark with my mate all summer holidays.
Happy days.


is this real 4.10 or the fake one like last week?

I can see it now, Phillipou carves us up in a practice match , then it begins… Sack Dodo.


I do, I remember the gasometer. Thats all. I think we lost that day. The area creeped me out so I never went back there. But the oppo fans creeped me out at Victoria Park and I never went back there either. Primitive.

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One by one @chris_64 stopped going to the old suburban grounds and one by one they shut them down…

Coincidence? I think not.


The opposition coach is a snake


Looked alright against Melbourne.

Hope he tears us a new one.

(But……when our boy comes on board post injury he does likewise!)

Im more in the Bailey Humphrie who wasnt even it seems on out carves us plenty of new ones

Or Jye Clark

I also lived within walking distance of the ground, in Wickham Road, and went to Moorabbin State School (Worthing Road) just across the Nepean highway from the ground. My earliest memories of the ground was watching Max Papley play for Moorabbin in the VFA, before he made the move to the Swans. The fence on the southern boundary was and still is reasonably close to the goals at that end. When the ball was kicked out of the ground, l was the one tasked with retrieving it. The reason was because there was a small hole in the fence and l was the only one who could get through it. I then got to practice my kicking over the fence, which at the time looked like it was 20’ high, but was probably half that height. I would have been about 6 at the time. It never occurred to me to take the ball and run off with it.

I was at the Carman game, but not the Neagle/Sidebottom match. A couple of Saints supporting mates raved up that game as good football. My reply was that if they thought thuggery was good football, then it was no wonder they had only ever won one flag.

I also remember a couple other games we played there, back when Stewart, Baldock and Verdun Howell, were playing. I saw Baldock spring flat out to CHF with Bluey Shelton hot on his tail. Baldock stuck out his right mitt and took a one handed mark at full pace. The point of the ball landed right in the middle of his palm and it was a one grab effort, remarkable skill under pressure. I wasn’t there the day Barry Davis had his cheek stoved in, but did see Greg Brown goal with a torp from about 55m out. Sometimes l would walk from the house to the ground, and it was free admission to all matches at 3/4 time. There was a girl with long golden hair l was interested in that attended all Saints matches. I was too shy to do anything about it, except smile awkwardly. She went to Highett High and l went to Hampton, and it was obvious that she was enamoured of the Saints players, her name was Sue and she ended up married to Ian Stewart, some of you may have heard of him.


what day is main training this week?

  • Wednesday, 1 March – 10.30am – 12.00pm

That game finished Terry Cahills career.i was there.No Ronny Andrews.Miocek came on after half time and threw his weight around a bit.We were crying out for Barry Davis to move VanDerHasr and Crow.He finally did in the last qtr and we came storming back and fell just short.StKilda hardly won a game after that match.


Che cazzu vuoi?


This is a big time game I lock in on my calendar every year.

Big time rivals, classic time slot. Real top of the table 8 point game.


I was there for both games. The neagle/cahill game was amazing. I think it toughened `many of them up and laid part of the foundation for future success. The carman game was terrible. We were a 10 goal better side that couldn’t get anything going. At least Phil was trying. My favourite game at Moorabbin was when Sheedy completely outclassed Kenny Sheldon by isolating Timmy in the forward line. We were 5 goals up before they knew what had happened.


Nobody gives a flying fark about Philly the Pooh.

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Nobody gives a flying fark about Philly the Pooh.

Can confirm.

Yeap same because he is prepping for us for 2025

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Could have sworn that was the Bradley Plain day out at Moorabbin.
Sheeds opted for two in the forward line, kicking into the wind in the first quarter.

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