St. Vincent's Appeal

Why do you post on BOMBERBLITZ?

I came back here because COVID19 lockdown (especially in Victoria) led to a fair bit of loneliness in my life.

Our team is not going too well, and hasn’t been for quite a while. It’s a bit depressing. I came here to have some company, to cheer people up and to be cheered up.

Some of that happened for a while. But sadly, much of the same old BB stuff resurfaced today.

What do I mean?

  1. Personal attacks and bullying.

  2. People being forced by ego to be RIGHT, to sound intelligent, no matter how hard the other person tries to clarify themselves. I don’t mean clarify their argument, I mean clarify how they feel about something.

  3. People using BOMBERBLITZ to show the world how smart they are.

  4. People using BOMBERBLITZ to show the world how funny they are.

Look I know, I know, I know, I am guilty of all of the above. But I am willing to change.

My appeal is to:-

Stop the incessant arguing

Stop the ego tripping

Let’s be Bomber mates

Let the love and camaraderie shine

Sure be funny, but not at someone else’s expense!

Now, I know there are people here who will come out in their droves ridiculing this thread. They always do. By doing that they will really just be demonstrating everything I said above about what is wrong with the joint. I am not going to respond, but listen, you intelligent people, we KNOW that you are smart, you don’t have to keep proving it by making other people look dumb. It is possible to correct people politely, you’re smart enough to know that. Courteous and ethical behaviour is a sign of the truest intelligence.

If you would like to see a friendlier, more polite and empathetic BOMBERBLITZ, a place where you can have fun without fighting or demeaning people, please just click on the heart below.

I want to enjoy coming here. For a laugh, not a fight. Can’t we be nice?
If you feel as I do please support me. :heart:


I’ve discovered the ignore function and it has saved me a lot of time and addressed many of the issues you described above. Sometimes you lose part of the thread but it is well worth the price. The ignore function is a game changer.


Do you like good music…if so, I have a thread for you…



Hey, we’re pretty respectful these days.


Same. I like it here and enjoy it, but the second I’m allowed to go out and do better sht, I will.


That’s us all, but really the state of the threads that VD is lamenting is really a reflection on the state of everyone’s mind, being stuck in the lockdown, with a football team that is struggling, etc etc.

Choose your threads carefully. Avoid anything related to EFC and Covid and you will find that people are good. But we’re all deeply triggered at this point, whether by the latest death numbers or by EFC going down the line to a contest.


Don’t go anywhere near the climate change thread Vinnie ol chap :joy:


So can i count you in for the 1st post Covid Forum game?

What’s a Forum game, Scotty? :grinning:

Especially if one is a skeptic I bet, eh benfti? :rofl:

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Big group of blitzers (plus guests) get together in Melbourne for a match. Sometimes its two blitz teams sometimes its against another clubs forum such as Demonland or Nicks Pies but ive had trouble getting other forums on board over recent years.

@thedjr pulled in the best mark you’ll ever see one of these things.

Its a shame that Covid has or will take away the blitz socials this year.

Pre Season Q
BnF Table and post even shenanigans
Post Season Forum Footy

Ha ha sounds great, so thedjr is a bit of a star eh? :grinning:
It all depends if I’m game enough to show my face. :rofl:

I like this concept. Although it’ll trim the post count by about 90%.

And @frosty, did you say GOOD music? You can’t be talking about the dj thread.


We’ve got some genuine guns hidden on blitz. @THE_DON1 tore the most recent to pieces.

Plus rolling the Collingwood Forum Team on Victoria Park everytime we play them never gets old.

Point is Blitz and its community is amazing. Is the best out of any online community I’ve been involved with.

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You are welcome!

Great post @Vinnie_D.

I humourously but respectfully suggest this notion become widely known as ‘St Vincent’s Appeal.’


Great post :slight_smile:
I find the beer thread the most positive place on here


Great post i came here to just talk all things bombers.

To find others to talk about our current situation and such. Im from NSW so there is significantly less people who enjoy afl.

Its a great forum imo but yes there are arguements just like everywhere else tho.
Everyone here does want whats best for essendon tho im sure.

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Love it!!! :grinning: