State Of Origin 2018


Never seen so many stupid decisions by a QLD team in one half of a SOO in 30 years watching.

So much dumb, … I can’t even …

Felt as if they didn’t want to win it.


The Blues are going for the sweep tonight, something they haven’t done since 2000. What a good year that was! :grinning:


Go Maroons! Hope they can bring it home for Billy.


Great game. Well deserved. Rapt for Billy - great bloke, champion of the game.


Yep. They at least gave him a good send off.


QLD could have easily won by a lot more than they did, they had so much possession. They were clearly the better team.


I was born in Sydney but have lived most of my youth in Melbourne. In my early 20’s i was living again back up in Sydney for a few years. My time there made me a QLD supporter during Origin games.

Turning on the media this morning, the bleating from NSW about Slater winning the MOTS award is nothing short of hysterically funny. I am so glad that he won it, simply for that alone.


Technically that’s a ridiculous call but sentimentality still has a place in sport.


NSW won the series that is all that counts.


At least call it the lifetime achievement award or something. Him winning it just devalues it. So it’s obviously not given out to the best player in the series, cos there isn’t a person alive that truly believe Slater was, it’s just given out to the current feelgood story.

They’ll probably give it to Cam Smith next year and he’ll just be in the crowd.